Free Server Transfers ComingFree Server Transfers Coming

A new post has shown up on the Warhammer Herald explaining server mergers and transfers hot on the heels of last week’s announcement that Warhammer Online developers would be merging several servers to “maintain an active and competitive environment”. The dev team has posted specific information on how transfers will occur for both North American and European servers.

The game play experience of our customers is something we highly value. We don’t make changes like this lightly. A lot of metrics and analysis accompanies this type of decision. We feel that these changes will help to ensure that server options continue to facilitate that best RvR experience out there. Thanks for playing and see you on the battlefield! 

The UI Video PreviewThe UI Video Preview

During this past weekend’s beta event, we had a team with boots on the ground to bring our readers great coverage of Guild Wars 2. In this video preview, we take a look at the user interface that players will be faced with in Guild Wars 2. Enjoy the video and our pithy commentary.

This past weekend was the’s second such event with the Guild Wars 2 beta, and as such we felt it necessary to dive into the more minute aspects of the game.  Perhaps things some folks wouldn’t really talk about at sites that aren’t so acutely focused on the genre as we are.  To that end, in the video preview below, you’ll see just about everything when it comes to the User Interface of GW2. The only things we couldn’t show just yet are the Commerce menu (item shop) and the Trading Post (the auction house). Those bits and pieces are still under NDA as they’re far from final.  Still, if you want to get an up close look at the map system, the Hero Journal (your personal character’s repository) and the achievements, this is the video for you.


The Social Experience The Social Experience

Funcom and the development team behind The Secret World chose to engage players in a whole new way prior to the game’s release later this summer. Playing The Secret War allowed players to participate in the game using social media to do so. We caught up with Erling Ellingsen to talk about The Secret War. See what he’s got to say and then leave us your thoughts in the comments.

MMORPG: You have been really creating an amazing story with The Secret World, how much of that did the social game bring into light?sometimes you can use the coupon code to enjoy a discount for your wow gold. All we do is to make the players enjoy more benefit of their buy wow gold and can enjoy more fun in the wow game. Then lets talk about Payment methods. We receive the paypal and the credit card and also western union. You can choose which you like to pay for the order. After you order the cheap wow gold you should go to contact the live chat immediately. Then they can help you with all the questions and also send you the order in 15 minutes. What a quick speed! YES?

Erling Ellingsen: I would say The Secret War focused primarily on the conflict between the secret societies, rather than the ‘everything is true’ theme of the MMO. We definitely linked a lot of the game content into The Secret War, particularly the assets participants could share with their friends including screenshots and videos. The most important thing has been the secret society experience, from the new personality test to the actual mechanics of The Secret War social experience. Deploying agents into territories, seeing the territories turn from one secret society to the other, and to actively working together with other community members on tackling the weekly War Challenge – that’s what The Secret War primarily focused on.

All Mark of Valor Sigils Now UnlockedAll Mark of Valor Sigils Now Unlocked

If you missed any from previous weeks, all the Mark of Valor sigils are up for grabs from now until May 18. Just create your banners and you’ll unlock some nice rewards in-game come launch.

Blizzard Quote (Source)

As a reminder, all five hero sigils are now unlocked on the Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise launch site. From now until Friday, May 18, you can earn these exclusive in-game emblems to use on your character banners in Diablo III. All you need to do is create a Mark of Valor and you’re set!

Some important notes:

What happens if I mistype my email address?
When submitting a Mark of Valor entry, the website will not check to see if your email address is valid at the time that your submission is made, so make sure you type it in carefully! If you make an error, simply resubmit. You’ll receive a Mark of Valor confirmation email shortly after submitting your banner image.

How can I tell the email I receive apart from a phishing or scam email?
The automated confirmation email will come from “” If you’re worried about whether or not an email is legitimate, just know that no action is required on your part if you receive an email from this address. You won’t be asked to reply or click on any links.

When will I actually receive my sigil?
We’re keeping records of all the accounts which have claimed each sigil. Within the first couple of weeks of Diablo III’s release on May 15, we’ll be processing all of these accounts and flagging them to unlock the appropriate sigils. The bonus sigils will automatically appear in-game in the banner customization screen in-game once awarded.


Star Wars: The Old Republic : Update 1.3 and BeyondStar Wars: The Old Republic : Update 1.3 and Beyond

One of the most compelling features that shipped with the Star Wars: The Old Republic v1.2 patch was the Legacy System. We had the chance to catch up with Daniel Erickson to talk about the Legacy System and other topics around v1.2 and upcoming v1.3 and also a bit about what comes next. Check it out!
MMORPG:  Of all the features and additions introduced to the game with Update 1.2, which ones have turned out to be the most popular with players? What are they saying? We have more than 5 years of experience and can easily pass that on to our customers.We provide the cheapest swtor gold all the servers and the first class service to our loyal and reliable customers. We have available stock of swtor gold on most of the servers, so that we can do a really instant way of delivery. We understand what our buyers need so weoffer an instant way of delivery

Daniel Erickson: There are a ton of smaller features that players loved with 1.2 but by far, Legacy was the big hit. Players are making all sorts of new species-class combinations, rolling out their Legacy powers and flying around with their rocket boots. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.




A Bittersweet WeekA Bittersweet Week


Between the announcement of Update 1.3: Allies and BioWare Austin’s ‘restructuring,’ one might say it’s been a bittersweet week for Star Wars: The Old Republic. We discuss both of these major events in this week’s SWTOR column.A massive amount of swtor gold is ready to decorate your swtor world. Anytime you run out of gold for swtor, just tell us! Ample stock also guarantees the fast delivery. Have a helpful customer service when you buy swtor gold is really nice. Luckily we got a customer service team just like that. Please do feel free contact us if you have any questions. We are here for you around the block

The ‘restructuring’ announced for Star Wars: The Old Republic is a bit hard to accurately gauge at the moment. As many have mentioned, this sort of thing is par for the course after a major MMO launch. The difference here is that BioWare has repeatedly been on record stating that they intended to keep the development team on as is in order to make major contest pushes and significantly grow the game. Clearly, on some level this is no longer the case.


The Secret World : SWTOR vs. TSW – A Story ComparisonThe Secret World : SWTOR vs. TSW – A Story Comparison


It looks like Funcom is also putting an emphasis on story with The Secret World, but the methods employed differ some from BioWare’s story-centric Star Wars: The Old Republic. We’ve recently spent some time in the TSW beta and today we’re offering a comparison of the story presentation in both games.A massive amount of world of warcraft gold is ready to decorate your swtor world. Anytime you run out of gold for swtor, just tell us! Ample stock also guarantees the fast delivery. Have a helpful customer service when you buy swtor gold is really nice. Luckily we got a customer service team just like that. Please do feel free contact us if you have any questions. We are here for you around the block.

The Secret World does things a bit differently, even from Funcom’s previous game, Age of Conan, which also featured dialogue choices. In The Secret World, quests are broken down into seven types: story, action, item, investigation, sabotage, group/dungeon, and PvP. Your story is based on your faction (Illuminati, Templar, or Dragon) and will guide you through the world Funcom has created. The other mission types are mostly self-explanatory, though sabotage missions are notable in that they are generally geared towards stealthily completing objectives (such as avoiding surveillance cameras).  Each mission is broken up into several tiers (sets of objectives) that must be completed in sequential order and you can only have a limited amount of each type of mission. If you attempt to take another action mission while you’re currently on one, for example, you’ll be asked if you want to pause your progress and pick up the new mission.




Patch 1.3 “Sandstorm” Phase I Goes Live TodayPatch 1.3 “Sandstorm” Phase I Goes Live Today

Hi-Rez Studios has announced that phase one of patch 1.3 aka “Sandstorm” will be going live today. The servers will be down until 6PM EST in order to deploy the patch.Want to buy cheap global agenda gold ? We are professional cheap  global agenda gold provider. We dedicate ourselves to offer the game players with the most reliable and high grade service,in meeting the requirements of game players to sell and trade in-game items,we provide gamers with fast transactions, 24-hour customer service and guaranteed transactional security,and most important,at the competitive price while maintaining the high quality.

Patch days are always fun! So, what can you look forward to when the servers come back up? Read below for the short list of Sandstorm’s features:

Over 30 New Weapons, including a Combat Jetpack (shoot while flying), new melee devices for each class and many more…
A whole new loot, token, weapon and armor system adding thousands of unique device/stat combinations and improving the rewards for play.
New Dome City Stores, including Weapon shops for each class, Cybercuts for hair customization and Genolab for facial reconstruction.
Fully revamped Agency-vs-Agency gameplay, now with a single world map.
More ways to experience Special Ops PvE, including a new Solo PvE mode, the ability to join matches with a teams from 2 to 4 players, and a new Ultra-Max Security level.
New PvP maps
New 10v10 Arena PvP, which allows pre-made teams of up to 10 players to compete.
and much more.
For those who don’t know, the long awaited “Sandstorm” patch will be split into two phases as a result of community feedback, allowing players to get their hands on the features that are ready to go, with the rest to follow in the near future.

Sandstorm was also to mark the beginning of Global Agenda’s subscription service, however, phase one will not require players to subscribe in order to access AvA content, instead, subscription service will begin with the launch of phase two.

However, Hi-Rez Studios has also announced special “pre-subscriber” bonuses for those who pre-enter their subscription information, offering players the chance to snag a bonus of 20 Mercenary tokens and 4 Conquest tokens daily, even if they don’t login on a particular day. It’s also important to note that entering your information will not charge you until service actually begins with the launch of phase two, and you can cancel at any time.

Epic weapons have also been added to the game with the launch of Sandstorm phase one, including a Combat Jetpack that allows players to fire weapons while in flight. You can view a video diary on the new weapons and pack here.

Check out the original announcement here, or jump right into the patch notes to get straight o the goodies.



Dungeon Fighter Online to Launch June 9thDungeon Fighter Online to Launch June 9th

 Developed by Nexon’s Neople studio, Dungeon Fighter Online is a 2D, side-scrolling action game, in which players fight their way through dungeons, either on their own or in a party with up to three other players. Advanced players can also take part in intense player-versus-player competition, where each opponent can mean a wholly unique fighting challenge.The most competitive Price. By using a special price searching system to check the diablo 3 Gold prices of our 150 major competitors.We are able to maintain the most competitive price for players to buy diablo 3 gold,We guarantee 100% safe delivery method and take full responsibility for it, our company  have been completed thousands of transactions andmeet over 1000 orders everyday, we successfully make all our customers delighted and satisfied.
 And like all Nexon America titles, Dungeon Fighter Online is free to download and play though the company’s Web site.
“Few games offer as much as Dungeon Fighter Online for so little,” said Min Kim, vice president of marketing for Nexon America. “Gamers will feel nostalgic with Dungeon Fighter’s retro art style and arcade style action. Hardcore RPG fans will immediately sense the deep and structured character advancement opportunities and be surprised by the quantity of items in the game. And PVP players will be floored at the diversity of competition made possible through the unique character builds. Each element could make up a great game on its own – but Dungeon Fighter Online offers all three in one experience for free.”
With the official launch, beta players will be able to keep their beta characters intact, while new players will be able to create new incredible characters. But both will be able to enjoy the excitement of creating a Female Gunner, the game’s newest character class, which joins the Fighter, Gunner, Mage, Priest and Slayer currently available.
The Female Gunner may have less HP than her male counterpart, but she moves faster. She can also advance into the same four subclasses as the Male Gunner— Launcher, Mechanic, Ranger and Spitfire—but for each, the Female Gunner has access to specialized skills unavailable in the game before. Players can choose one of these four subclasses once they’ve reached level 18 and completed a series of subclass quests.
While Nexon America prepares for Dungeon Fighter Online’s official launch on June 9, it continues to offer its open beta service of the game, where players will be able to engage in an event that ties in directly with the arrival of the Female Gunner. The official launch will also introduce into the game the dangerous Hell Dungeons, where players can gain access to highly coveted Epic Items.
To help prepare the game for official launch, Nexon has set up a Dungeon Fighter Online Public Test Server, which will allow select Beta players the opportunity to preview the new content before its release offer their feedback. This allows Nexon America to fine tune everything before the launch date. 


God… has it been twelve years really? I can’t even begin to recount all that’s happened in my life since Diablo 2 dropped on store shelves in 2000.  I was sixteen. When Diablo came out, I was twelve. I’ve more than doubled my age since the first game was released and I forever became a slave to Blizzard’s venerable action-RPG series.  I’m not trying to make any of you feel old. But what I mean to say is that Diablo has literally been a game I’ve played since I first took steps into the world of PC gaming. Along with Ultima VII and Wing Commander, Diablo was what first showed me just how a game could transport you into another world and make you sweat and pant from stress and tension. I mean… really, though we laugh at it now, how freaky wasthe Butcher back then?A massive amount of diablo 3 gold is ready to decorate your WoW world. Anytime you run out of gold for diablo 3, just tell us! Ample stock also guarantees the fastdelivery. Have a helpful customer service when you buy diablo 3 gold is really nice. Luckily we got a customer service team just like that. Please do feel free contact us if you have any questions. We are here for you around the block.




And now here we are.  Twelve years since the last entry, and nearly twenty since the first game. Not too much has changed. You’ll kill everything you see with the click of a mouse.  You’ll loot everything and portal back to town more than you can count. Sure, there’s a new Real-Money Auction House, a brand new skill system, and a whole new way to craft items.  Let’s not forget the crazy-weird Witch Doctor, either. So maybe a lot has changed… either way, it’s been over a decade since I got to explore Sanctuary. As you’re reading this, stuck at work and dying to get home. Click over to our streams page, where I’m likely slaying away and loving every minute of it.sometimes you can use the coupon code to enjoy a discount for your wow gold. All we do is to make the players enjoy more benefit of their buy diablo 3 gold and can enjoy more fun in the diablo 3. Then lets talk about Payment methods. We receive the paypal and the credit card and also western union. You can choose which you like to pay for the order. After you order the cheap diablo 3  gold you should go to contact the live chat immediately. Then they can help you with all the questions and also send you the order in 15 minutes. What a quick speed! YES?