DC Universe : Launch Day Interview with Chris CaoDC Universe : Launch Day Interview with Chris Cao




Now that launch day has finally arrived, DC Universe Online fans can don tights and hop into the game. To celebrate DCUO’s launch, MMORPG.com’s Bill Murphy had the opportunity to sit down with Game Director Chris Cao to talk about the game, how it’s evolved during development, where it may be headed and more. Check it out and then leave us a comment or two below.our general method for dcuo  power leveling :kiiling monster, select the character which most coincide with their hobby, hand over the account to our company,and we we will finsh their order via brand-new precautionary measure,so any accident happended during the period of power leveling:suspension,banning,or compromised account will not existed


The first thing we talked about was difficulty facing SOE in launching DCUO both on the PS3 and PC at the same time. Game design problems aside, as that discussion could take weeks to sort out, Chris stated that the biggest benefit they have as a studio is that they are a part of SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment of America). It’s not like they’re going into the development of an MMO across two platforms blindly. Being the first PC and console MMO of this generation was a scary endeavor, but with the experience of both SOE as a whole and SCEA behind them it’s really proven to be a success.