Basic Knowledge of “Influence of Guild” in Guild War 2

In Guild Wars 2, influence of guild is earned by participating in dynamic events, world versus world, structured PVP, and even solo content such as your personal story while representing a guild. Players can even exchange coin for influence at a guild promoter. Influence is the currency that guilds can use to buy things such as experience boosts and guild vaults. Influence points can be spent in the guild interface in four different categories including architecture, art of war, economy, and politics, each of which focus on different aspects of the game. The architecture category upgrades include a guild bank and the ability for an additional upgrade to build simultaneously. The art of war category allows guilds to buy buffs that are used in world versus world. When their guild has controlled the structure in world versus world, they can purchase buffs such as increase experience or a better chance to discover rare loot. A guild can even buy a 10% influence increase for three days. According to guild wars 2 guide, the economy category will give buffs such as increase experience, karma, and a better chance to find rare loot. The politics category will allow guilds to buy influence buffs for PVE or even buy a guild banner that will give 5% experience to any ally that touches it.

Keep in mind that all of these categories have different levels within them. Before you are able to buy any of the upgrades from any of the categories, you must obtain a skill level of one. Each level one costs 500 influence and takes 16 hours to research. Some of the buffs are unobtainable until your guild reaches a certain level in that category. For instance, increased chance to find rare loot in the economy category requires economy level three. Research time for things can range anywhere from 16 hours to one week.