Mesmer is a master of illusion magic

On the spectrum of games, they’re on the complete opposite sides, so, yeah. That’s why I’m really not comparing the two, as far as quality. However, I’m quite excited for Guild Wars 2, and I’ve really lost a lot of faith in World of Warcraft, and I’ve played that game for six years. I think a lot of the complication for the traditional MMO player is that this is a caster class that uses melee weapons to cast spells. Officially, the Mesmer is a master of illusion magic, which is the “butterfly” magic. Officially on record, there are two kinds of illusions that the Mesmer can create clones and phantasms.

Clones are supposed to look exactly like your character, and they do well to look “exactly” like your character, and Phantasms are meant to look like ghosts or phantasms of your character, not the actual character. There’s a clear definition. Guild Wars 2 Mesmer guide can do some really wicked cool support skills. For example, they can place down a ward on the ground which will render everyone in their ally party invisible. They can also throw down portals, and yes, portal around. You and your friends can run through portals in this game. If that doesn’t convince you to maybe give it a look, I don’t know what else to tell you.

The Guardian is a protection profession. They use protection spells to protect allies, like bubbles that deflect things back at casters, bubble that absorb damage, and things like Virtues, which are kind of like Paladin auras, but the Paladin only receives the buff until that buff is sacrificed, and then all allies can use the buff. They can place seals on the ground that hurt enemies, but heal allies. Earlier, I said this class is best described as the Death Knight, because it uses spells, but, after thinking about it, it’s more like a protection Paladin, that can do damage with a two-hander, and with a one-hander and a shield. Because guild wars 2 guardian guide are more protection based, they are not as that offensive, even though they can dish out a lot of offensive damage.