Silkroad Online’s Historic 15 YearsSilkroad Online’s Historic 15 Years

Silkroad Online recently celebrated its 15th year of MMORPG goodness. In today’s Free Zone, we take a look at Silkroad Online and ruminate about its past and its future. Read on!

Joymax’ Silkroad Online takes place in a fictionalized version of this period.  Combining elements of history and culture with legends of the time, it offers players three roles and the ability to switch among them.  Merchants buy goods to transport elsewhere and sell at a profit. Thieves take from the rich and give to… well, typically themselves, and hunters are mercenaries who can be hired to stop them.  I first saw it in Korea a decade ago, a few years before the game’s global service made it available to North American players in 2006. However, it has been in operation even longer. Last month, it reached a notable milestone, 15 years in service. This prompted me to get in touch with Choi Inho, Head of Development for the title, to learn more about its past.



Original Game Shutting Down with Unholy Wars’ Launch Original Game Shutting Down with Unholy Wars’ Launch

A new blog post on the official Darkfall Online: Unholy Wars site contains information for current players of Darkfall Online. When Unholy Wars launches, the original game will shutter its doors. Player characters will not make the transfer but owners have been promised the ‘viability’ will move with them. Current subscribers will also be able to score DFUW for the price of a subscription.

So what happens to the old characters? We will preserve them for several reasons. One reason is to commemorate them in a Darkfall Online tribute/memorial after the original Darkfall is over. Another is to keep them for Darkfall related side-projects we are considering. We’ll give you more details on all this after the DFUW launch.

Regarding Darkfall Online, in its current form, we will shut it down to make room for Darkfall Unholy Wars.

Read the full post on the Darkfall Online: Unholy Wars site.




The Templar ExperienceThe Templar Experience

During last week’s visit to Elder Scrolls Online in Maryland, we got to try two classes: The Templar and the Dragonknight. Here then are Garrett Fuller’s impressions of time spent with the former.

For the Templar you get a group of attacks which all are sun or light-based. The first was a simple Sun Strike which looked like a staff of light that I smacked into the wolves I was fighting. This was a basic damage attack and took Magicka energy to use. You have three bars like in all Elder Scrolls games and can choose to build up each one of them with level progression. Magic, Stamina, and Health all allow you to play the character you want.  If you’re going to use a lot of magic-based skills, you should probably focus on Magic, people who use a lot of weapon-based attacks want to focus on stamina, and everyone should spend a little in health too… to stay alive and all.



From Table-Top to PCFrom Table-Top to PC

At NYCC this year Cryptic brought Neverwinter to the fans with a panel that explains how WoTC and Cryptic are working together to make sure the table-top experience shines through in the upcoming MMORPG based on the classic PnP setting. Read on to find out how they’re pulling it off.

Anyone who was lucky enough to check out the Neverwinter Panel at NY Comic Con last weekend got a great taste of Dungeons & Dragons. Not just a normal serving of awesome, but how Wizards of the Coast are working with Perfect World and Cryptic Studios to build Neverwinter. The game looks amazing with some great combat mechanics and quest systems. However, at NYCC the team talked about what it takes to bring a game from the table-top to the computer and why certain things are so critical.




SMITE Interview with Todd HarrisSMITE Interview with Todd Harris

Late last year we started brainstroming ideas around a game inspired by Defense of the Ancients style gameplay, but with a more action-oriented third-person view rather than the traditional real-time-strategy ‘above the battle’ view. In addition to the 3rd person view, we wanted a very strong theme for all the playable characters. We entertained a few different ideas until our CEO Erez proposed mythical gods in January. At that same time my daughter was reading the one of the many novels within the popular Percy Jackson series and it hit me how mythological gods, which I think we were all obsessed with at some point, are still underrepresented in games – particularly as playable characters. I mean who doesn’t want to be a god? So… playable ancient gods, plus action conflict led to the name “SMITE”. 

Bioware Reveals PAX Plans
The Bioware team has revealed its plans for PAX set for later this week. During PAX, fans can check out a SWTOR panel that will include a developer Q&A and a new live demo. Devs have also promised that attendees will have the opportunity to hear “new reveals”. In addition, the team will host a meet & greet with fans and will be able to try the game out at the SWTOR booth.
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Starting at 2PM on Sunday, August 28th, BioWare and LucasArts will be holding a Star Wars: The Old Republic panel at the Paramount Theatre, where fans will have the opportunity to be among the first to hear new reveals, take part in a Q&A session with developers and see a live demonstration of the opening minutes of the Eternity Vault, a high-level Operation taking place on the plan of Belsavis