Star Wars: The Old Republic : Shadow Optimizations & Server ConsolidationStar Wars: The Old Republic : Shadow Optimizations & Server Consolidation


The Star Wars: The Old Republic blog has been updated with a pair of posts detailing some significant incoming changes. First up is the shadow optimization coming in patch v1.4. Secondly, the team is preparing to further consolidate and stabilize high-population servers by transferring characters. As a result players may find their characters on a different server.

The shadow optimization will smooth out in-game shadows when the next large patch goes into effect. It’s a great read for those who like to know and understand the behind the scenes details.

The new system provides full dynamic shadows. Simply stated, all characters, trees, and moving objects cast shadows onto the game world in Game Update 1.4. The previous system only generated dynamic shadows for characters. Moving through heavily treed planets such as Tython, the player will now see the subtle moving shadows cast by the leaves and trees.