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If you’ve been keeping up to date with The Secret World, you’re familiar with the game’s Location Reveals as development continues on the highly anticipated MMO. Late last week, the team revealed the story and details behind the location of the much talked about Dungeon Location, the Polaris.
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The Polaris, a cargo ship, broken loose from the outermost ring of derelicts and carried across the sea north and west by the roiling, creeping fog bank. In its hold, an ancient lord of the creatures, long since outgrown its human form, exercised its powers to command flesh and fog alike.

The Mists of Pandaria will open the doors to the mysterious lands of the pandaren, inviting the people of Azeroth to discover the wisdom and power of this mighty race while also exposing some of their darkest secrets. The World of Warcraft Preview panelists unveiled many of the new features, art, and gameplay changes that are coming with this next epic expansion.
Here are some of the highlights from the panel.

Expansion Goals

With each new expansion, the development team looks for opportunities to improve and expand upon the current game. Expansions open up new opportunities to drive the story of Azeroth further and to improve the player experience by combining new gameplay features with the most entertaining aspects from the game’s past.

What is it that the developers want to accomplish?

?Get players back into the world, experiencing it and traveling it.
?Provide more options; more content to experience and more things to do.
?Provide players with numerous ways to earn rewards and make progress on their characters.

The continent of Pandaria’s unique Asian-inspired landscapes are spread across five new zones for players to explore, as well as a pandaren starting zone and central quest hub.

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