The hunter single brush don’t eat angel war mounts

Due to various mocking incomprehensible to repel let BOSS from rob Johnson, have changed the war messenger BLZ sarcasm can’t repel. Originally the hunter is very simple, can kite off the little BOSS, suddenly made a lot of helpless, hunter team will be struck. Envy envy hate all sorts of DK FQ FZ ~ ~
Actually, war messenger list now to brush up for most players equipment can also be simpler! Below I said the main points, it will be done very simple single brush ~ ~
A defense department of the pet (turtle), with soul, I am used to a soul connection. Animal covenant, pet glyphs necessary treatment. Mislead the glyphs optional.
2, equipment should be above 505, the most important thing is the agile must more than 18000, the value can be a little deviation, but certainly not differ too much. So substandard equipment, eat a mixture should be no problem. I was with a series of old 496 single brush adorn article is easy, but then in the third act the role ofing is tasted of the thunder and lightning and a 522 equipment, BB resistance or not, there are more than two days of time I’m not sure what’s going on, until one day I out of the copy, with the mixture is very easy to brush off again, I realize the lightning old jewelry is proficient in, but a series of accessories is agile. To mend pet at this point, reduced by the soul heals all (may dodge is also reduced), leading to BB resistance is not!
Three, details, treat pets don’t break, the soul healing and cower can automatically release, BB tread must remember to shut down!!!!!!!!!!! Article to read out the small beetles and soul directly after A multiple pull, don’t let these strange to touch the BB, feet put A explosive trap, so that the soul came before you, little beetle in explosion and fly knife A death trap. , BOSS can not fear skills standing timber lu’s death, have the fear and move only slightly and rolled a stake. Isn’t it circles around a simple kite than before ~ ~
Four, unexpected problems, if the treatment can BB to death the leaky roof broken a wave, if even death, jumped sharply after the talent, BB when the BOSS read the resurrection. But statement, if ready the above three points, the possibility of BB is not dead, because I have been single brush has a dozen, broken axe never move. A friend said that can kill the kite. Yes, bull point B is ok, but I feel a more than 2000 kite rare, terrain and not so good, and blame, error rate is as high as 90%, I feel a dizzy, a fear about saw an angel ~ ~
Five, don’t pray when the BOSS hit 20% jump down an enemy players can LOOT