Piece of information displayed Diablo 3 sales Still good

Activision Blizzard investor earnings for the third quarter of the meeting, and not too much on Diablo 3 news. But Mr. Bobby Kotick said this series of investment and a long wait is well worth reporting, and later re-record for August earnings will be in the more than 10 million copies sold. Expected sales may be about 11 million so far. Diablo 3 Gold from the sale since May still sell well, and has been endorsed by the community and the game changes.

Use of plug-in any game, robot, the profit from the behavior of non-authorized third-party program or game vulnerability, are in violation of the rules of the game and user terms will lead to lost accounts and role players. Blizzard games, and will not tolerate such behavior. When the player found the BUG or know vulnerability, please report to the Blizzard official for processing. Do not covet a small profit, the loss of the original game fun!

Forum players already provided us with a way to get the same items repeatedly game vulnerability, tested, does exist. We have feedback to Blizzard responsible authorities, hoping to be repaired as soon as possible. Also remind the players who are using the vulnerability of the game, to stop this practice as soon as possible, otherwise, it may result in titles such as serious results. I hope more friends the feedback games vulnerabilities, and jointly safeguard the game environment! The past, many players found each serving a very unstable prices, especially the price of the precious stones.Players Could lead to violation of the rules of the game titles and Diablo 3 gold is certainly no hope to recovery.