Diablo 3 initially only by killing monsters to gain experience value

Diablo 3 was originally only gain experience by killing monsters, but now you can also complete the task to gain more experience. Diablo 3 where many tasks including the experience reward, as well as equipment incentives. Many of the early tasks, the value of the experience gained faster than the brain to Kanguai’s more, the upgrade to complete the task to become the most efficient way. This is Blizzard expects to achieve, the Blizzard this design a lot of random tasks.

Diablo 3 development process used to determine the maximum level reserved for 99, but they suddenly changed in 2010, the development team said in September the maximum level to 60. This design is very similar to World of Warcraft players reach the maximum level to clean up all the basis of content, including the highest degree of difficulty. Compared to Diablo 1 and Diablo 2, which is a huge turning point, before the players even completed the Hell difficulty, still put BOSS Kanfan the hundreds or thousands of times in order to upgrade. This is a critical turning point, including developers. In their view, allowing the player to repeat again a regional war, a BOSS is a very boring and very tragedy late game style.

A lot of players agree with this logic, but it was also too easy to think that the full level, so that each role can easily 60. The developers also understand this point, and said the late game there are many worthy players to show off something in addition to the character level. Achievement arena level, and perhaps more unannounced features. There are many players doubt the full level of 60 is to follow the example of World of Warcraft, and later open three piece of information enhance the level of 10, 10 and 5, respectively, so that the role. Obviously, Diablo 3  Gold will also have a piece of information and enhance the level cap. Diablo 3 in the role will automatically upgrade property values ??and automatically assigned. Additional incentives including maximum mana / value of life / injury, and so on. Unlock the corresponding level skills. Skills once do not need to upgrade to permanent use.