Diablo 3 witch doctor how to look for good luck room be careful

First of all, personal feel good equipment has nothing to do with IP address, but certainly drop rate with high lucky the room. Believe that all the people also found, some of the room is little strange basic not to drop a Gold, Diablo 3 Gold elite drop of 63 also very few, and some room elite off 63 more, small blame also regular off the Gold class, so I feel that the so-called “good luck room” or existence.

So how to quickly to confirm now playing room is good luck? Room. Some people like to see IP, I think not, because I also once a time concern about the IP address of the room and found the same IP section, several times before and after the equipment is feeling the quality is good and bad are intermingled. Also once into a few times the so-called day room a word, such as IP72, 74,76 and so on, never been legend. So I personal later denied good luck with IP confirm the method of room.

Below to share my two confirmed good luck room methods:

One: I usually choose task is the second single sin of heart, into the room as long as BuKa, I will transfer the wall, if in Diablo 3 Items wall hit three more elite strange, and dropped the gold class has 63 level, then I fusion brush A3 full figure, conversely exit to come.

This method is the successful example, I used to play in the wall to 5 only elite, and all have a gold to drop, and the last in the dog female place fell face shoes, and then, in purple and off a legend bracers.

Two: lessons from the experience of others compound, brush A3 warriors, is also sent sin tower bottom and giant pit 2 border where the elite. Difference is that I don’t have been there brush D3 Gold, my way is there repeated on-line brush, if found the following situation, I also fusion brush A3 full figure.

1: when found is gold blame, not Smurfs, and gold blame fell 63 levels of a gold.

2: two groups of Smurfs, and fell 63 levels of a gold.

3: a group of gold strange, a group of Smurfs, and fell 63 grade a gold, and even goblins occur at the same time, that the room is all wool and a yard wide “good luck room”

Successful cases: yesterday afternoon, in this way, I repeated about 20 times or so, found that a group of blue knife brother, a gold succubus, then the edge and a goblins, and succubus give me off two 63 a gold, a dress, a D3 Items weapons. At that time I choose to pass brush A3, in the wall, he give me off a frog deputies, and incredibly, purple and give me off face ring, just I take gather together together the new face four pieces.