Diablo 3 Infernal Machine and Monster Power mode detailed

Beating a boss pair will drop a ton of gold and loot but destroy the infernal

machine. If you want a shot at a new boss pair, you’ll have to craft the thing all

over again. To get the Hellfire Ring, you have to beat every boss pair on five

Nephalem stacks and hope that they drop organ pieces that your Jeweller can use to

craft the ring.

Patch 1.05 will hit Diablo 3 tomorrow at 3AM PDT / 2AM BST according to an official

post on Blizzard’s forums. There will be an estimated ten hours of downtime while

the patch is deployed, but once it’s live we’ll get access to the scalable Monster

Power difficulty system, the high level Infernal Machine quest and dozens of class

and item changes that Blizzard have been teasing for the past few months.

A new post on the Diablo 3 site drops details on the Infernal Machine quest that top

level players can pursue to gain a unique Hellfire Ring. You’ll find one of four new

keywarden bosses patrolling each act. If you kill them with five Nephalem stacks on

Inferno difficulty there’s a chance they’ll drop special keys and blacksmithing

plans for the Infernal machine.

Once you have all the keys and the machine, you can open a portal that will randomly

grant access to one of three chambers. Each is protected by a pair of bosses you’ll

recognise from the main campaign. Double teams include the Skeleton King and Magda,

Ghom and Rakanoth and the Siege Breaker and Zoltan Kulle.

The infernal version of each boss will be more powerful than their campaign

incarnation, and they’ll have new moves to kill you with. Blizzard estimate that

each boss is about as tough as Inferno Diablo.

The ring’s properties are randomised, but you’re guaranteed a +170-200 boost to

strength, intelligence, dexterity or vitality (your choice) and a +35% experience

boost designed to give future alts a quick leg up the levelling ranks.

That’s not a bad item, but it sounds like it’ll sure take a lot of work to get it.

The new monster power system improves drop rates, which will help Infernal Machine

questers and anyone who fancies a challenge. It’s detailed in full in this recent

Blizzard blog post. Essentially, you can apply one of ten monster power boost levels

to creatures in your playthrough, increasing their health and damage output, but

nudging up rewards as well.