diablo 3 – GDC2013 Wyatt Cheng: seiko slowly

Earlier this year, the game of senior technical designer Wyatt Cheng on GDC 2013 brought a called “seiko accumulation: diablo 3 game system improvement” of the speech. Dedicated this talk about the change, show the game part of the key systems of different design stages, such as life, fighting to control skills and roles at the start of the diablo 3 design of the improvement process. Thank you for the progress of science and technology, this speech very visionary behind now can finally watch online! (great!)

Immediately to GDC treasure house and watch “seiko accumulation”, as well as other important speech on GDC 2013.

“As with all blizzard games, diablo 3 changes in the product before final release many times. Wyatt is described on different system attempts to explore, and ultimately whether removal, etc. We will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each system in detail, what is available what doesn’t work, and team every time how to use the experience of failure brought them to success.
Recovery system:
1. The life from damage shield to reduce the potion effect, regeneration potion is not so effective as they once were, and at the same time, tried many new recovery mechanism. What is the biggest problem between each system and the final blood system is how to do?
2. Control: at blizzard, control is king. Simple on the surface, improve the diablo 3 interface is to change the inevitable result of the increase, this is to provide players with more detailed and effective control.
3. The skill system: skill system had change many times. Early system similar to diablo ii was introduced with the skill tree mode. Later systems had the rune, and various level runes as loot, these runes skills can be used for the correction.