D3 anniversary welfare

“Diablo 3” from a full one year anniversary of the listing date. To celebrate the first anniversary of listing, Blizzard ended yesterday until the 21st of items will increase 25% drop rate and experience bonus, this effect will not be additive effects with other similar conflict would stack up bonus experience points, items swap rate can exceed 300% of the limit. Official also announced the “Diablo 3” Anniversary Wallpaper, Traditional Chinese and launched special limited edition series of celebrations.
Diablo 3 News
Official and release “Diablo 3” four anniversary wallpaper. In addition, from now until the 22nd for d3 gold the official launch of the “Diablo 3” Traditional Chinese edition limited special event, players will be able to buy the game preferential price. In addition, players can also use the two official “Happy Birthday” drawing or designing a picture to print and pictures for photo, etc., after the official end of the ceremony will be the most impressive finishing this picture from official website congratulations along with the players.

The official said: “Since last year, we grow a lot of progress, whether this whole game team or community, in order to thank you for the advice, enthusiasm, and you choppy bloodlust, the coming year will be more classic.”