Diablo III Tips To Boost

Now that we can all actually get in and play Diablo III consistently, it’s time to start thinking about how to maximize your fun, your loot, and your leveling. Here are a few Diablo III tips that should improve your experience considerably.
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Remap your ability keys.

It may not have attain MMO levels of stupidity in default keybindings, but Diablo III’s hotkeys could use some help. At least you have the power to remap them! For optimal results, move your ability hotkeys from 1-4 down to ASDF, and change Move to W. That way you never have to move your left hand from its natural position on the left side of your keyboard in combat.

Oh, and put something on spacebar. It’s the biggest key on the keyboard, why wouldn’t you map something there a little more commonly used than “close all windows”? I suggest health potion or show items.

Explore those mini-dungeons.

The best loot drops generally come from killing Inferno-level bosses with a full stack of Nephalem Valor, but that’s a bit in the future for most of us. In the meantime, do check out those Dank Cellars and Lost Ruins and the like – the mini-dungeons that dot the landscape in each act almost always have an elite/champion pack and a gold chest. From an XP/loot per time perspective, they’re some of the best locations in the game.

Nevermind the bollocks, stock up on “Adds X-Y damage.”

The way that Diablo III’s math works makes flat damage modifiers the most powerful ability you can have on a piece of equipment. Because all damage is a multiple of your weapon damage, and all damage is also multiplied by your main stat, adding flat damage to your weapon’s base is incredibly powerful. Go find a blue amulet that “adds 2-5 damage” and equip it instead of whatever crappy rare currently occupies your neck slot. Unless you’re rocking forty-plus of your main stat – and even sometimes then – your damage (listed in the bottom left of your character sheet) probably just skyrocketed.

Therefore, socket the best ruby you can afford in your weapon.

A square ruby should only cost you a couple thousand gold on the auction house, and the damage it adds when socketed into a weapon is substantial. If you’re like me and have more money than sense, you can buy even better gems for geometrically increasing prices. Also, there are no level requirements on gems, so putting a square or better gem in a new character’s weapon is a great way to give a recently created hero a significant boost.

Don’t forget to remove the gem from your weapon and drop it into a new one as you level and outgrow it – it’s almost certainly quite a bit cheaper than buying a whole new gem.

Main stat über alles.

Your main stat (intelligence for wizards and witch doctors, strength for barbarians, dexterity for monks and demon hunters) is far more useful than the other two because of the significant damage increase it grants. A bit of dex sprinkled here and there on your barbarian’s equipment is fine – it still adds dodge chance – but strength increases your damage while also providing armor. Why only get a defensive boost when you can get both offense and defense for the same price?

These tips are probably second nature to some of you by now, so share your advanced wisdom in the comments below.D3 Players are AFK
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Why Diablo 3 Players are AFK?

1. Same Farm Acts with No Changes: When playing in Diablo 3, your farming Act is almost stable, as once you change a place, you may lost some parts of efficiency. Thus, farming in the same map and monster point day after day is rather boring. Unpredictable battles would make the game full of challenge and add awesome varieties!

2. Lack of diversity for Monster Drops: Blizzard does design a many kinds of monsters for players to encounter and fight, yet, it’s not so attractive for players to experience each of them! Why? Facing more powerful monsters, yet their drops are nearly the same without any exciting expectation or big surprise. So after a certain period of time, players may lost interest in the challenges.

3. The Skill Build lack creative features: The main profession in Diablo 3 normally only gets 2 to 3 main builds, Barbarian Duplex Cyclone, Witch Doctor Bears build and Firebat are used since the patch 1.0.4, and are still in use now! The lack of Item attribute causes that the build open is limited. In addition, Blizzard is trying to balance the skills at every update, yet imbalance keep existing and will always do. Blizzard just need to improve the Item attribute in order to compensate the deficiencies of some skills.

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