This is the end, my friend

One Shots This is the end, my friend

What do you imagine the end of the world looking like? I’m willing to bet it’s nothing like the following technicolor nightmare ripped straight from the finale of the first version of Final Fantasy XIV.

Reader Focant delivers this haunting image with a description of the videopocalypse: “The Garlean forces held nothing back in their battle against us, and attacked with their most destructive weaponry. The most powerful enemy we saw on the battlefield that night was the level 100 (the player cap is 50) Imperial Juggernaut, an enemy that is only seen one other time in game. I made sure to include a player character in the shot as well for size comparison. These things are massive!”

And with that we’re off to another wild and wooly edition of One Shots! Please put your tray tables in their full upright and locked position.

One Shots This is the end, my friend

Former Massively writer and current alpaca farmer Rubi Bayer sent in her tribute to the soon-to-end Glitch.

“I still remember falling in love with Glitch when it came out,” Rubi weeps. “It wasn’t just a cutesy visual treat — it was fun and engaging, and I was just crazy about it. It was a blow to hear that it’s closing down. Thanks for the fun, Tiny Speck, and here’s to a bright future to each of you who gave us Glitch.”

There, there, Rubi. Good luck reaching the “acceptance” stage!

One Shots This is the end, my friend

Little-known fact: Due to the shifting nature of the international date line, it is always Halloween somewhere in the world! As proof of this, reader Trevor sent in the following screenshot of himself and his pet dog Scoob hanging out in Guild Wars 2.

A mystery is afoot, Trevor! Better grab some Scoob snacks and get to it! We’re guessing pirate ghosts.

One Shots This is the end, my friend

It’s a cape! It’s a blanket! It’s a… Clanket?

OK, the devs in City of Heroes might not be on top of their naming game, but you have to appreciate the humor (and attention to detail) in this billboard ad. Even superheroes need their comfort gear, yes?

Reader Quinch submitted this to us with the brief and yet appropriate file name of “WTF.” Nothing more needs to be said.

One Shots This is the end, my friend

Remember, even if you lack the prestige of being an alpaca farmer, you’re still vital to the One Shots effort! You’re the ones that keep this series alive, so submit those screenshots with a related story or else the cute column gets it!Come here FFXIV Gil.