FFXIV is heating up another round of the Moonfire Faire

Veterans of Final Fantasy XIV remember the struggle of last year, the desperate battle to protect the land of Eorzea against a rampaging fire. A battle so desperate that it could be fought only by having men and women dress in skimpy swimsuits and make kissy-faces at fire elementals. This year, the battle must be waged again, but this time adventurers will be dressing up in traditional Eastern clothing. Yes, the Moonfire Faire is upon us once again.

From today and running until August 13th, players will have the opportunity to take part in the event by speaking with event NPCs located in each of the major cities. There are no details on precisely what the event will entail, although the mechanics are likely to be similar to last year’s equally ridiculous offering. There’s also no word on whether or not this year will also allow players to unlock special wallpapers, although it’s certainly possible. So if you’re in the mood to beat the heat in-game, log in now and start chasing some fire elementals!

Man, I’d like to take part, but the whole ‘cancelling the subscription if you were on a 90 day plan’ effectively locked me out of my account, since now I can’t verify my credit card and re-sub. Here’s to hoping Square-Enix support move their asses, though I don’t have all that much faith, since I’ve been waiting almost three days for a reply. Well, if you want to know more information and service, please pay close attention to our game click here: FFXIV Gil.