FFXIV’s dungeons

My interest in Final Fantasy XIV is not purely about racing to the endgame, but I am well aware there is an endgame. And while I’m easily distracted by the pursuits of other goals such as leveling Arcanist, I’d rather be on the early side to the party. There’s nothing wrong with not being the first at endgame, but I’d prefer to beat the rush, if you know what I mean. So my playtime has been focused a bit more toward getting to the end of the story quick-like.

This also means going through a lot of FFXIV Power leveling dungeons. I’m not quite up to the last rush, but considering a lot of people I see are still moving into stuff I left behind a while ago, I’m still a bit ahead of the parabola. So let’s take a look at the dungeons along the path from level 1 to level 50 after the initial set (which I covered back in beta).

The first three dungeons require a visit, but this is the first dungeon in the game that’s optional. There’s a quick quest explaining what it is and why you should go there (there’s stuff in there), but if you want to reach the level cap without ever stepping inside (and without ever filling out your Grand Company hunting log), you can feel free. That having been said, there’s some good stuff in here, and it’s another step up of the mechanics that were present in the first three dungeons.

All three bosses require dealing with adds, and that means that all three are really requesting that DPS players step up their game. Tanks can easily hold the bosses with few issues, but DPS can’t be on cruise control either. It’s a theme that is lightly addressed early on and reaches a climax much later, so look forward to that.

FFXIV sidequests elements

In part one, I mentioned that I felt like the advance ment path set out for Disciples of War and Magic (consisting of storyline quests augmented by sidequests and the occasional FATE, dungeon, and guildhest) worked fairly well up until about level 40. The reason for this is pretty simple: One of the essential parts of that equation — namely sidequests — practically disappears from the game at that point. In the interest of full disclosure, I’m currently level 47. I’ve been level 47 for a while now, in fact, because I can’t seem to bring myself to get over this hump.

Around level 44 I noticed a pretty large influx of sidequests, which was more than welcome considering that up until that point it had been pretty much nothing but FATE grinding and the occasional dungeon run. Though dungeons are, in my opinion, considerably more enjoyable than FATEs, they’re also considerably more time-consuming, therefore making them much less efficient. FFXIV Power leveling “Well obviously,” I’m sure many of you are saying, rolling your eyes with exasperation, “you should just do dungeons since they’re more fun. Who cares about efficiency?” And you’d be right if it weren’t for the fact that, even compared to the mindless grind of FATE farming, doing the same dungeon or two over and over again quickly loses its appeal.

And then, as if to taunt me further, at level 47 the story quest also abandoned me, leaving me to my own devices until I’m able to pick up the next part at level 49. So there my poor Miqo’te sits in Mor Dhona, praying for FATEs and wishing that guildleves weren’t a complete waste of time and allowances. In my opinion, Square Enix desperately needs to make some adjustments to the rate of experience gain — or at least the venues through which to progress — at the higher levels. Whether that means buffing dungeon and guildleve XP or nerfing FATE XP (but still, seriously, buff leve XP), I don’t know, but something needs to be done because the trudge through these last few levels has put a serious damper on my previous enthusiasm for the game.

So that finally concludes my thoughts on the path of the Disciples of War and Magic, or most of them at any rate, so let’s move on to another subject entirely: the Disciples of the Hand and Land. Let’s begin with the fastidious manufacturers of Eorzea, the Disciples of the Hand.

Final Fantasy XIV FATEs

While the idea sounds nice, there are a few major issues with FATEs as they stand. For starters, they’re currently the single most efficient way to level, due to their frequency of occurrence and the sheer XP reward (for gold-level contribution, at any rate) compared to the amount of time required to complete them. This has led, as in many other games focused on public events, to players simply forming massive roaming death-squads and steamrolling through FATE after FATE in search of precious XP.

Unfortunately, FATEs don’t scale particularly well after a certain point (if they even scale at all; I haven’t been able to tell, frankly), which results in most FATEs being completed within a minute or two of spawning, and if you’re playing a class that relies on abilities with substantial cast times, good luck getting a hit on anything before its HP melts away under the weight of the zerg.

In the more sought-after FATEs, such as the Cancer fight in Costa Del Sol and the Behemoth battle in Coerthas Highlands, it seems as if the game itself is even working against you. FFXIV Power leveling Even if your rig is hardy enough to withstand the framerate hit that so many players in such a small area incurs, you probably won’t escape the wrath of the game’s model rendering prioritization, which frequently causes mobs or friendly players to simply not appear until they’re inches in front of your face. And as a healer, I can assure you that there’s nothing more infuriating than finally managing to target that guy who’s low on health and hopping around like a psychotic rabbit only to have him phase out of existence because he got too far away.

There are, of course, other options for leveling. Guildhests are instanced missions that seem to be designed to teach players the basics of MMO dungeon running, including such lessons as “don’t stand in the bad” and “let the tank pull,” which is great for new players, but the experience they grant is abysmal after you’ve collected the bonus for first-time completion, so players don’t have much of a reason to do them more than once.

Final Fantasy XIV of features and UI

There’s no denying that Square Enix has taken titanic strides in revamping its much-maligned MMO. Whole game systems have been torn apart and rewoven into something barely recognizable, and I’m not even going to entertain whether or not the changes were for the better. They absolutely were. The real question here is whether it will be enough to change the game’s course. And as it happens, that’s just the question I plan to answer in this multi-part edition of Second Wind.

One of the first things returning players will notice about A Realm Reborn is that the UI has been completely reworked. Unlike its predecessor, the new UI is sleek, modern, and remarkably user-friendly. FFXIV Power leveling It’s much easier to navigate, eschewing the archaic menu system for a more up-to-date hotkey-centric approach, and generally it’s a massive improvement.

But still, the UI isn’t perfect, and it omits a number of features that would be incredibly useful. The current inventory system is something of a mess. There’s no way to automatically sort your inventory (yes, I know, there’s an option in the character settings, but it applies only to new items being added and does nothing if your inventory is already full and disorganized), and manually rearranging items between inventory tabs is tedious to say the least.

There are no side-by-side item comparisons when mousing over a prospective new piece of gear, and the tooltip shows only the differences between the item’s basic stats (such as physical and magic defense for armor). It doesn’t show stats, which are infinitely more important 99% of the time. These are quality-of-life issues moreso than gamebreaking bugs, but reducing tedium is important in ensuring that players can focus on the game itself.

FFXIV the game is designed the way that

One of the things that the game skillfully avoids is using a zone and then abandoning it. I was questing in Eastern Thanalan on three separate occasions, each time in a different segment than I had explored before. If you head to the North Shroud early on you find yourself with several quests in a low-level region… along with Banemites milling about just on the other side of a bridge.

There are lots of places where the game seems primed for a full-on rant. FFXIV Power leveling The numerous times that the game comes to a screaming halt for an instanced raid, for example, something that it does on 13 separate occasions. Or the quest that requires you to run across Thanalan, have a conversation, run back across, then up to Gridania through several points with no convenient connections, and then back to your origin point with nary a sidequest along the way. Heck, the initial Primal fights don’t give you anything aside from a pittance of experience.

And yet the game never triggered my ranting gland. At no point did I throw up my hands and decide that this simply wasn’t worth the effort.

Part of that was a combination of timing and my own character choices. I decided early on that I wanted to play my Marauder for a good chunk of the storyline, and a good tank never wants for friends. And it’s early in the game’s lifecycle. People with less time to play are still moving through things, so there’s heavy demand for doing things that are otherwise less than desirable. (There is never a reason to re-queue for Garuda story mode.)

But a lot of it is due to the way that the game is designed, starting with a steady ramp-up in instances, threats, and general scope.

Final Fantasy XIV mechanics

That really goes for every set of mechanics. If you include crafting, don’t have it just be a matter of “click a button and wait.” Ryzom had such a good idea with its various material components, but the crafting still came down to click-and-wait. I don’t want to just click on random nodes to gather; I want to be able to gather. I want depth. I might never want to play a miner, but if I decide to, mining should have an actual game involved rather than just the tedium of walking to nodes and clicking.

I want housing. I want stuff to do in a group, and I want stuff to do solo. I want to build a house and then I want to go run a dungeon. I want a sandpark, a term I started using back in 2010 to describe the first version of Final Fantasy XIV.

But really, that version wasn’t quite a sandpark. A better term would have been “disjointed mess.” It wanted to be a sandpark, just as many men want to be nice guys when they advertise themselves as such. Good intentions do not pay the bills, however, and while the launch version had the core ideals in place, the execution was lacking. In some places it lacked due to simple missteps, while in other places it lacked due to staggeringly bad design choices, but in all cases it was pretty darn messy.

Management was changed. Naoki Yoshida was brought in to what was essentially the Finnegans Wake of MMOs, a collection of presumably good ideas made completely inaccessible due to presentation. He was tasked with putting it back together into a game that people would actually be excited to play.

As it happens, he succeeded at that so well that many people couldn’t play during the launch week because there were too many people logging in. So that’s awesome.

WOW Brewfest Achievements

It doesn’t take a lot to achieve being drunk in WoW, but it does to get all of these achievements!

Here is a list of all the achievements and how to do each one. Remember that you have only the two weeks to get them down.

Direbrewfest: Kill Coren Direbrew. Pretty simple, right? That’s all you have to do. See our guide below on how to do that.
Disturbing the Peace: Wear 3 pieces (the whole set) of the Brewfest gear and /dance in Dalaran. It’ll cost 350 tokens to get this achievement done.
Does Your Wolpertinger Linger?: Obtain a Wolpertinger! See our quest list to see how to snag one of these pets up.
Down With The Dark Iron: Just turn in the Dark Iron Event quest. See our Misc section on how to deal with those pesky dwarves.
Drunken Stuper: Fall 65 yards while drunk. Wow Gold Have you down the regular falling achievement yet? Repeat that, but while completely smashed (as drunk as you can get). Druids/Rogues can use their passive fall damage decreasing abilities to breeze through this and anything that makes you immune to damage (fall damage) works. Just can’t slow fall or flight form halfway down.
Strange Brew: Drink all of the booze sold from the vendors at Brewfest. Huge list of em, but easy and not that costly.
The Brewfest Diet: Same thing as Strange Brew, except it’s for food. The pretzels and onion cheese are on a different vendor than the sausages.
Have Keg, Will Travel: Use Brewfest Hops to turn your mount into a festive one (2 tokens) or get a mount drop off of ‘ol Direbrew.
Brew of the Year: This one doesn’t count for the meta achievement. Drink all 12 different brews throughout the year to earn this one. They’re mailed to you.
Brew of the Month: 200 tokens will enter you into the Brew of the Month club which earns this achievement. Combined with Disturbing the Peace (350) and Have Keg, Will Travel (2) you’ll need 552 tokens to get all token based achievements.
Brewmaster: Gives you a title. Just need all of the above achievements.

WOW flexibility mode update

WOW flexibility mode update
Having fastidiously thought-about the feedback you have got shared and weigh 5.4 among new entrants in elastic mode professionals and cons, we have a tendency to determined to vary the Raid progress saving mode. Among the patch, elastic mode SoO progress can rely upon the progress of all-time low members World Health Organization. for instance, a team has eleven members on Tuesday night compete three Boss, and on Wed evening, eleven members able to still play, however determined to require 3 newcomers. If they be part of the queue, then they need to start out from scratch to fight, as a result of the 3 newcomers didn’t progress within the previous 3 Boss marked as kill. Our intention is to make sure that each one of the members World Health Organization participate within the elastic Raid won’t miss their got to kill the Boss.

Mmoequipments:Blizzard Raid progress on the preservation of the elastic model reproduction created some changes, there area unit 2 copies of this progress of the elastic saving mode: generally, progress depends on the progress of all-time low members, therefore you’ll be able to not miss them make sure that all members got to kill the BOSS; Second, you’ll be able to conjointly head of the progress of the lock mode to lock the progress of your cluster, so new members adscititious on to the progress of the top lock.

Once again, we have a tendency to thanks for creating the team along in an exceedingly constructive manner to share feedback and suggestions. Let the patch that declared the most recent changes.

While mounting this morning line correction, however a additional typical approach is to use supported the progress of the top lock mode. In different words, the top on Tuesday night destroyed 3 Boss, he hopes to continue the progress last night deed any adscititious flexibility the team – whether or not they set foot SoO – are done from the top of the place to start out Tuesday night . this method for WOW Raid communities easier to use, therefore resilient team within the close to future can now not rely upon the progress of the members.

WOW hunter class for newbies

WOW hunter class for newbies
But don’t start thinking that this means hunters are a simple class: while the basics are easy to pick up, there’s a lot of depth to hunter gameplay (and a world of difference between playing with a good hunter and a not so good hunter). Hunters have a number of crowd control options and access to traps, both of which require strategic thinking to use well. And, further, while pets can make the life of a hunter much easier, controlling them can be a challenge that adds complexity to the game.

So while many people would tell you hunters are a great class for newbies because they’re easy, we’ll just say that they’re a great class for newbies because they’re easy to get started with. If we’ve piqued your interest, read on to see more about what the hunter has to offer in World of Warcraft — and whether it may just be the perfect class for you.

If you’re still not sure what WoW class you want to play, allow us to take this opportunity to introduce you to the noble hunter. Hunters are one of the most commonly recommended classes for new players to the game, and with good reason. Compared to other classes, many of which have the ability to fill multiple game roles, hunters have a single, straightforward function in any situation: to do damage with ranged weapons. And with the power of their pets to protect them, hunters have very high survivability when soloing, which secures their place the top of new player recommendation lists.

RUNESCAPE: RUNESCAPE3 celebrate a big first month

Jagex has released some new statistics 3 RUNESCAPE honor of the first month of service. In the past 30 days, more than 300,000 new players join the game back together players over 100,000 reactivate accounts.Here to supply buy FFXIV Gil

Lumbridge campaign, we want to give players a new way RUNESCAPE world and his own imprint. “Phil Mansell, RUNESCAPE executive producer,” We have seen how the battles over 1.5 million votes were cast, with players from what they get reinforcements how they can support their chosen deity and enthusiasts all the decisions and the new unit. There are so many players way affect the ongoing fighting, killing enemies or donate resources to their chosen deity, which is player-driven dynamic, very firmly to the future of the game in the player’s hands. “