FFXIV crafting

I want housing. I want stuff to do in a group, and I want stuff to do solo. I want to build a house and then I want to go run a dungeon. I want a sandpark, a term I started using back in 2010 to describe the first version of Final Fantasy XIV.

There’s no universal answer to this. For some people the answer is EVE Online, for others it’s World of Warcraft, and for a vocal and presently quite unhappy portion of the population the answer is City of Heroes or Star Wars Galaxies. If there were one template for what MMOs should be, we wouldn’t have a plethora of different games; we would have one that occasionally received a major update. What I can say with authority is what I want from an MMO, what makes a game something special.

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That really goes for every set of mechanics. If you include crafting, don’t have it just be a matter of “click a button and wait.” Ryzom had such a good idea with its various material components, but the crafting still came down to click-and-wait. I don’t want to just click on random nodes to gather; I want to be able to gather. I want depth. I might never want to play a miner, but if I decide to, mining should have an actual game involved rather than just the tedium of walking to nodes and clicking.