UTfifa15coins – Team of the week 22

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A new Team of the Week is out, and it has quite a few gems! Immediately looking at the team, the highest rated card is Sergio Busquets, and while he doesn’t have the best stats, he’ll be an easy investment for people this week. Other nice cards are Memphis Depay, Mertens, Schurrle, Aubameyang and Harry Kane.

First things first, do NOT invest coins today or tomorrow, because this is when the prices of the cards will be the highest while they’re getting packed. Investing now means loss for the future. The best day to be investing coins is on Friday, because the African Cup ended, and EA is releasing a Team of the Tournament, which means a market crash is on it’s way, and thus a perfect time for investors to make some easy coins.

It’s simple, buy the cards during the weekend, and sell once they’re out of packs for a profit, but the thing is most of those cards are expensive, actually one of the best buys right now would be that of Jeremy Menez and Remy Cabella’s informs from last week, because they’re still at a relatively low price. Menez is going for roughly 80K on Xbox and Cabella is going for 35K, with their ceilings being 110K and 80K respectively.

If you’re looking for players to use, and not really invest, the gem this week is in Mertens, who has amazing stats across the board. He’s only rivaled by Eden Hazard when it comes to Belgium wingers, and he’s by far the best option in a Serie A squad for that left side.

It’s a good team this week, may you have good luck investing!