Albion Online: Boys And Elaine

1 August, Albion Online launched the final beta fanfare, it’s a huge surprise with a new gigantic world, for the first size upgrade since 28 September, It was named for Elaine. Look back to about two months of testing and what we Elaine reserve. Due to Albion Online more fun than expectation, players are bound to eagerly getting cheap albion online gold.



Royal and the reputation system is a good idea to find a real success with many of the players. S? Larly also face the disappointment of the Black Continent area and low real interest. GvG are extremely costly and offer no advantage to face guilds who prefer to lock in a city or a city map with only a farm. Similarly, the territories to conquer yellow area that were popular during the previous beta have disappeared.

Less GvG And Still No New Formats

Faced with this vastness, the developers have yet divided the number of territories to conquer GvG. At the time a map as Carrion Copse could share up to 4 players + 4 cities resource territories.

Today maps are 2 to 4 times larger and remain limited to a city of players + a maximum resource territory. This large difference makes it all the more desert areas. Similarly, the cities of territories increased in size.

This is to accommodate many more buildings on the map. Unfortunately 5v5 GvG size of a city became a chase to recover 4 points and round in circles throughout the 20 minutes. Are you seek for cheap albion online silver?

A Final Beta XXL

Many were surprised, in good as in bad, the announcement of a new world completely redesigned from Sandbox Interactive.

Exit the old test phases and refinement on the old world, hello a vast world wide … If we could find more enemies along the way. With the resource harvesting system requires gallop hours to find rare materials delighted.

Besides the round trips required between? And the Royal Black Continent area to bring T2 resources which required an organization of several hours. The Walking Simulator was born, to our dismay. For more Albion Online update, you can keep it right here on: UPAlbion.