NBA 2K17 Have Partnership With Fitbit To Promote Healthy Living With Gamers

On Nov.25, for the first-of-its kind intergration, the connected fitness as well as health cooperation and NBA 2K17 are offering gamers in-game rewards for users, they can achieve 10,000 steps a day with their Fitbit devices, for NBA 2K17 players, when they acquire a temporary boost to MyPlayer in NBA 2K17 as well as improves on-court performance, in order to make NBA 2K17 the first video game to take advantage of Fitbit wearable technology as well as date to give users in-game rewards. For some avid players, they have been busying buying NBA 2K17 MT via visit various official websites.


“Any athlete will tell you that a healthy lifestyle is a major key to success and by rewarding gamers for healthy lifestyle habits we hope to help motivate them to achieve their goals in life and in-game,” Alfie Brody, Vice President of Marketing for NBA 2K, said in a statement. “Our brand is synonymous with breaking down boundaries of what a game can achieve, and we are thrilled to continue that tradition through this Fitbit integration.”

Users can connect their Fitbit tracker with NBA 2K17 on either PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, with their daily steps then being tracked by the gaming consoles. After achieving the milestone, the game will apply in-game boosts across various categories including layups, dunks, shooting, agility and more. Real cheap virtual Currencies are selling on gameplay site, including NBA 2K17 MT for sale.

“As a former video game industry executive, I’m excited to help shape the first-of-its-kind integration between a wearable and a console video game, motivating gamers of all ages to be more active throughout the day by giving them in-game rewards for their real-world fitness activity,” Fitbit Senior Vice President of Global Marketing Tim Rosa said in a statement. “This partnership speaks to the long history of innovation from both of our brands. We think it’s just the beginning of what’s possible as we create new ways to keep our community engaged and motivated to be healthier and more fit.”

Dallas Mavericks forward and Fitbit ambassador Harrison Barnes, who is a proponent of the Fitbit Blaze smartwatch, recently doled out some devices to his fellow teammates prior to the start of 2016-17 season. The former University of North Carolina standout and avid gamer told SportTechie this past summer that integrating technology, like Fitbit, into his workout regimen has helped take his career to new heights.

It’s worth exciting that 2K and Fitbit working together to reward gamers like me in a unique way, in a statement, according to Barnes, however, it’s an extra incentive so as to achieve my target steps per day, I can get a physical edge, in addition to this, which contains NBA 2K17, currently, please follow me, my family as well as friends will have to step up their game. Here is cheap NBA 2K17 MT PC for sale.