The Elder Scrolls Online Battlegrounds Highlights Video

It’s time to see battling scenes of Battlegrounds in The Elder Scrolls Online. Weeks ago, ESO launched a PAX East 2017 event which providing fans the first hands-on opportunity to try the upcoming small-scale, fast-paced PvP game mode. Plus, some PAX players experienced thrilling battles with new Warden characters.

In this video, we can see some players experiencing Foyada Quarry’s unique dangers in PAX East. The dense granite quarry is one of three exclusive maps in The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind and the special map of Battlegrounds features three unique game types which consists of Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, and Domination.

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More details of the Battlegrounds in the video are waiting for you to discover! Check out it and find more highlights!

Mu Legend Rifts Details: Finding a Rift And Grouping

Mu Legend is Hack-n-Slash dark fantasy action MMORPG sequel to the original Mu Online, it has fluid and stunning Hack-n- Slash combat, along with deep as well as intriguing world that can satisfy new gamers and fans alike. MU Legend offers spectacular visuals and amazing design with effects. Gamers can easily get more cheap Mu Legend Zen, it’s time to act out.


Rifts have been making an appearance in a lot of different games, and different format, even if the same goal in mind. In Mu Legend, it will give a different experience every time, with different structures to the setup as well as differnt enemies. If you’re exploring outside of a city, you can find rifts pretty easy. More gamers tends to buy cheap Mu Legend Power Leveling by visiting u4gm.

Just open up the map and scroll across it to find a “Rift” marker. Use autorun to go to it and you can enter at these spots, marked by blue space-like areas. If you can group up for rifts, it will make them faster to complete, lower your chances of dying, and let you run them on a more difficult setting. This can be done through manual grouping or through the automatic matcher.

MU Legend’s global OBT will be available in six languages: German, French, Polish, Spanish, Brazilian-Portuguese and English. This will be the first time a MU game will be available in multiple languages at launch. The last remaining months of development will be dedicated to the fine-tuning of the new features added to the open beta such as the trading NPC, the 3v3 PvP mode and more. Further Mu Legend update, you can focus on:

Veton Puted Forth Some Suggestions About Current Build For Galahad

In this week, Albion Armory introduce a build, it’s a uiltimate setup for sole PvP play based on its creator Veton. PvP well-know part includes huge battles in the open world, or defending their guild’s territory in a GvG. Nonetheless, a kind of PvP always be forgotten with easily, surprise attacks in the open, in other words, it was also called as ganking. As a guild leader of Grief, Veton has specialized himself in the art of ganking, this following some ideas is about his current build for Galahad.


Equipment: Weapons
Stun Run
Increases your movement speed for a short time and your next auto attack will stun your enemy.
Charges toward an area, dealing damage to all enemies in a 5m radius on impact. Damaged enemies will also be slowed.
Concussive Blow
Deal damage to your target, and slow them slightly for a few seconds. This effect stacks up, and after collecting the third stack you will stun the target while consuming all charges.

Consumables: Food and Potions
Major Healing Potion
Regenerates a percentage of your total health over time.
Increases your casting speed and your cooldown reduction.

Passive: Stunning Strike
The Double Bladed Staff combines crowd control and mobility in a single weapon and both are extremely important for any of your ganks. Two out of three active abilities can stun your target while the last is a huge gap closer combined with a very potent slow. The passive adds in another possible stun. Combined with your Mage Cowl, these skills allow you to easily dismount your victim from any mount except an Armored Horse.

The Double Bladed Staff Assassin
Veton elaborated: based on he try to find the build that workd best in a one-on-one situation or for any kind of ganking, he came up with the perfect solution,The Double Bladed Staff Assassin. Speaking of this build, it possess high mobility combined with great control abilities. Due to its high specialization for short fights and its reliance on a surprise effect to catch people of guard, the Double Bladed Staff Assassin cannot compete once a group skirmish starts.

Last but not least, Veton also put forth more, such as Tips, Tricks, and Combos, more Albion Online relevant news update, you are better to stare at official website:

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Albion New Added Two Huge New Worlds: Outlands, The Royal Islands

As know, Albion online new added two huge new worlds to explore, called The Outlands as well as The Royal Islands, however, those areas will aslo have new biomes, which includes steppes, swamps and mountains, the developers have also added Artifact items to help keep gamers competitive while they roam the lands seeking glory and riches. More and more gamers are paying much attention to the best albion online gold from


Albion Online has more in common with Eve Online than World of Warcraft. So if a gamers wants the best sword in the game she will need to find the best blacksmith in the world to buy it from. If a player wants to mine for ore and transport it across the lands, they are free to do so, but they will face off against player bandits and opposing guilds. More Albion Online update full details, recommend you visit official website:

Albion Online’s cross-platform development has presented a lot of challenges to the team, though it has also brought some surprising advantages. Developing for both PCs and tablets has resulted in a heavy focus on optimization, for example, from which all versions have benefited.

The world of the game has changed most of all: map, location of islands, biomes and even city stylistics. The diversity of biomes increased significantly, which pleasantly affected the uniqueness of each individual location and diversity. Even territories that belong to one of the indigenous fractions of Albion are added: Adepts of Morgan, Undead, Guardians, etc. – all these special thematic PvE-zones, where you can not only hunt in a group, but even collect a raid on bosses, which in this location at least two, daily and weekly.

Final Fantasy XIV’s: New Job, New Alliance Raid And More

Eventually, Square Enix broke the slience on Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, a new expansion pack is about to come on June 20. At Tokyo’s Final Fantasy XIV, regarding its some of expansion information was announced. at the same time, new mechanics, raids, characters,was also included.


Stormblood Will Include:

New Beast Tribe and Primal:
The Ananta, an all-female beast tribe, is the newest of the beast tribes to be introduced to the world of FF XIV. This ancient tribe resides in the mountains near Ala Mhigo and worships the primal Lakshmi. Known for their skill in spell and gemcraft, the Lamia will play a very important role in the Stormblood main scenario as their persecution by the Garlean Empire is revealed.

New Alliance Raid:
Two special guest creators were invited to assist with the design of the newly-announced alliance raid “Return to Ivalice”: Yasumi Matsuno (Final Fantasy XII / Final Fantasy) will write the scenario surrounding the raid, while Keita Amemiya (Onimusha 2 / Shin Megami Tensei IV) will spearhead monster and boss design.

New Job – Red Mage (DPS Role):
The highly anticipated red mage job will make its debut in Stormblood as a ranged magic DPS, wielding a rapier and magicked crystal medium. A very mobile attacker, the red mage dives in and out of melee combat, assaulting enemies with red magic and short-ranged attacks. The red mage also has the ability to link multiple spells with chainspell, dealing massive damage and following them up with melee attacks.