NHL 18 Franchise Mode: Common Questions And Professional Answers

HL 18 is scheduled to launch on September 15th, it’s mainly available on Xbox One and PS4. This game feature a variety of features and modes, hence, players also come up with many questions. Let’s we analyze and summarize these common questions. Based on professional answers, as long as you have more other questions that need to be addressed, reference from here.

NHL 18

Q: You can play Threes fairly seriously, but there’s sillier elements as well. Do you think that will make the mode a good entry point for more casual hockey fans?
A: Definitely.

Q: Do you see Threes becoming a competitive game in the eSports realm?
A: To be honest, when we initially were designing that we weren’t aiming to create an eSports experience. We’ve heard people suggest that because of the pace, scoring and the smaller rink, it definitely creates more opportunities for eSports.

Q: Do you think NHL 18 players will be more interested in experiencing a draft now that they’ve seen the excitement of an expansion draft?
A: Franchise Mode is all about the fantasy experience. Having Vegas there opened up the door for us saying why don’t we had a 32nd team? Because I’m sure people will want to go through it again and draft their own team.

Q: The Vegas Golden Knights are the first NHL Expansion Team in years. What challenges did adding a team to NHL 18 that hasn’t yet played a game bring about?
A: We ended up allowing players to play right off the bat with Vegas’ authentic rosters or jumping in as Vegas, but changing history, all the way to being the 32nd team, creating a fantasy team and going through the exact same process.

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