Advanced Supports In Path Of Exile

Skill Gems is one type Of the Path of Exile’s items. The same skill can be supported by multiple support gems at once. For example, Sweep could be linked to both ‘Added Cold Damage’ and ‘Increased Area of Effect’ for large sweeping arcs of cold damage.

Path of Exile

In a similar way, multiple skills can be augmented by the same support gem. If you linked a selection of different area skills to ‘Concentrated Effect’ then all of them would be dramatically more powerful and mana hungry.

The highest level support gem in a group is picked when the skill is used. Having multiple instances of the same support equipped in a group does allow you to level up multiple copies of that gem at once, but doesn’t provide extra power to the skill.

If multiple copies of the same skill gem exist, then the character receives several versions of the augmented skill, each with the appropriate supports. This means that you can have both a castable augmented version of ‘Fireball’ as well as an augmented version of the skill that lays a Fireball Trap.

Path of Exile will have a subclass of support gems that trigger their linked skills when certain conditions occur. These conditions range from scoring critical hits to becoming cursed, frozen or ignited. The triggered skills generally have modified mana costs and damage, in order to balance the automatic trigger. Complex combinations of triggered skills are possible and open up many possibilities for character builds.

This game have plenty of other support gems to discover at higher levels. The ‘Trap’ support gem turns linked skills into traps. For example, if you link ‘Trap’ with Fireball and ‘Multiple Projectiles’, you get a trap that shoots a burst of fireballs at any enemies who trigger it.

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