How to become rich in Path of exile

The Poe currency process in Path of Exile revolves all-around a variety of different orbs and scrolls. Each and every forex product serves a particular functionality from the crafting and improvement of a character’s gear or allowing restructuring on the character’s passive skill tree from the scenario of the Orb of Regret. Path of Exile Currency items may be uncovered as drops from monsters or chests, bought directly from unique distributors in a city, or acquired by means of the usage of the seller recipe method by investing particular configurations of items to any town seller. Forex items participate in a large part while in the player to participant buying and selling procedure, with exceptional orbs equipped for being traded for highly effective equipment, and even other types of orbs that a player could possibly have to have in the time for crafting.

Farming Currency
POE has no so-called “money”
All currency is “value of use
For me, it’s useless to bring the standard currency.
When there is an opportunity, the market ratio is good, I will change the currency to continue to map
Basically except EX, sacred, magic mirror… these high-priced currencies
Other currency, you have to go to the farm to dress up, it is very difficult in Taiwan, so use it with confidence.
The upper six points will be on six points. The map will point to the map, and the prophecy will eat the prophecy.
Don’t save money, finally break the map, can’t fight, hit yourself very painful
Why bother?
Have carefully cleaned each picture, it must be poor in the long run.

Pick up items
I think this is a very important part.
Seriously affect your brushing efficiency
There are a lot of masters on the list because he is very late, low-cost legends, currency, etc., he is not jealous, even filtered out
But, for a novice
Basically advise you, find out, what is important to you during this period!
Like the low-priced items, I have always been jealous of
(1) full quality medicament
I can change a glass marble because I am missing
(2) stone hammer, rock hammer
Can be washed into a quality 20 replacement pushpin
(3) Orb of Transmutation, Orb of Alteration
The metamorphic stone is a 4 knowledge scroll for me. I may not know the knowledge volume, because the benefit of stone is much higher than that of the knowledge volume.
The stone is modified because I need to wash the pharmacy and equipment occasionally.
(4) Unidentified golden equipment
At this time, the masters are equipped. For me, the gambling luck after the identification may sell a 5C 10C. It doesn’t mean much, and almost luck is not good, so I will use it to move bricks.
One set for 2 Poe chaos orbs, this time there is a small temple, the speed of moving will be very fast
Therefore, a good filter is very important, I suggest you change it to suit, I am also changing myself, it is not difficult

POE is a real business game
If you don’t have any ideas and are not familiar with things, please be sure to understand
There is also a concept to be guided
Don’t think about how much this thing can sell.
I have to think about how much money this thing sells.
Waiting is, of course, important, but if you are out for one week, you can’t sell it for two weeks. Is it necessary to cut the price?
For me
It’s useless to not sell it.
Is it worthwhile to ask a thing that hangs 30C in the warehouse to sell and not to sell it, or to hang 10C to get the currency immediately?
If you can’t sell it, it’s all fake for a lifetime. It’s true that you get the currency in your hand.
Some things are priceless and no market, lose money to sell, sell cheaper, prefer to change to currency, strengthen yourself
Is a better practice