Robert King Interview

J. Robert King is the author of the newly released Guild Wars 2 novel, Edge of Destiny. The official ArenaNet blog has been updated with an in-house interview of King by the author of the first Guild Wars 2 novel (Ghosts of Ascalon), Jeff Grubb. King talks about how The Beatles were the inspiration for his interpretation of the party that ventures forth in the book.

During one conference call, Jeff Grubb told me I needed to write the story about how the Beatles met and became epic and took over the world and then broke up. That analogy was perfect. It told me that these iconic characters had to be epic at the same time that they were real. They had to be living legends. They had to have tremendous ability but also tremendous vulnerability. They had to do what nobody else could, and pull it off with talent and moxie and nerve.our general method for guild wars 2 power leveling :kiiling monster, select the character which most coincide with their hobby, hand over the account to our company,and we we will finsh their order via brand-new precautionary measure,so any accident happended during the period of power leveling:suspension,banning,or compromised account will not existed

That’s why I wanted the reader to meet each character individually, then see them come together slowly into smaller groups, and then watch them become the legendary team of Destiny’s Edge.

So, the thing about the Beatles was they not only wrote and performed the best music, but they were each guys you’d want to know. Separately they were awesome, but together they were unbelievable.


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