BFS legend

“Hearth tales” blue post a week summary
“BFS legend” will adopt the free mode. If you like, you can choose to buy an additional card, but you still can not spend a penny and through the competition to get the same card.
Beta testing will start in the summer, you can apply for qualification.
The BFS legend will support Windows, Mac and iPad. More platforms has not yet been released.
About the android system
We discussed the possibility of future support more platform, but now can’t make any promises.
Communicate about the game
You can chat on your friends list of people (real id friends and BattleTag friends), you can also and them duel between friends.
You in regular match (game matching system to create game) to talk to competitors who is not in your friends list, but we have designed a lot of expressions to allow you to make a taunt, demonstrations, etc. Interesting expression.
Synchronization between on multiple platforms
Let your iPad and PC card configuration and cross-platform personal information will remain the same is we really want to achieve goals. But technology is complicated, so we don’t know when can complete. Development team and the diablo iii team currently are working on this, if there is progress, we will tell you at any time.
About communication across the game
Games using your existing ladder Tag or the real ID friends list, so at any time with other games, world of warcraft, starcraft, diablo) friends chat no problem completely.
Questions about fees
We focus on the focal point is always the playability of the game. How long do you play in which free chang is no problem. You can buy the card package to get the card, but you can play with others to get the same card.
Questions about card exchange between players
Yes, we are very concerned about players card configuration to set up the game. One that allows you to break down the so-called expert system of card, and then applied to the technique of dust to create a new card.
Expert card is through you open the card package (purchase or win the game), or from the build mode you choose to stay. Basic CARDS are those who just got through competition. Expert card by card in the middle of the rare degree of gems.
About the game need card number
A total of 30 sets of CARDS, each card you can have at most 2 copies. Card can be collected a total of more than 300 copies, means that there are more than 600 ticket form a complete collection, each card if you want to two words.
In fact, each grade CARDS you can only have a legend, so can collect the total number of possible slightly less than 600 pieces, but if you will Huang Jinka card account, so you can collect nearly 1200 copies. No matter how to say… Quite a lot. : D
About the charges
We are discussed based on apple’s payment to the account, will the iPad version of the hearth tales when the upcoming release more details.
About the credit card
You can only through the automatic matching system to win the card. You can and good friends, but it is pure entertainment.
About the game time
About 10 to 15 minutes a game. Based on the selected professional card, and use the game time may vary. This time is very good, even if lost I will not angry, because this is not “I” struggle hard 1 hour and then still kneeling. And I think the game mechanism and matching system is satisfactory.