All Mark of Valor Sigils Now UnlockedAll Mark of Valor Sigils Now Unlocked

If you missed any from previous weeks, all the Mark of Valor sigils are up for grabs from now until May 18. Just create your banners and you’ll unlock some nice rewards in-game come launch.

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As a reminder, all five hero sigils are now unlocked on the Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise launch site. From now until Friday, May 18, you can earn these exclusive in-game emblems to use on your character banners in Diablo III. All you need to do is create a Mark of Valor and you’re set!

Some important notes:

What happens if I mistype my email address?
When submitting a Mark of Valor entry, the website will not check to see if your email address is valid at the time that your submission is made, so make sure you type it in carefully! If you make an error, simply resubmit. You’ll receive a Mark of Valor confirmation email shortly after submitting your banner image.

How can I tell the email I receive apart from a phishing or scam email?
The automated confirmation email will come from “” If you’re worried about whether or not an email is legitimate, just know that no action is required on your part if you receive an email from this address. You won’t be asked to reply or click on any links.

When will I actually receive my sigil?
We’re keeping records of all the accounts which have claimed each sigil. Within the first couple of weeks of Diablo III’s release on May 15, we’ll be processing all of these accounts and flagging them to unlock the appropriate sigils. The bonus sigils will automatically appear in-game in the banner customization screen in-game once awarded.