God… has it been twelve years really? I can’t even begin to recount all that’s happened in my life since Diablo 2 dropped on store shelves in 2000.  I was sixteen. When Diablo came out, I was twelve. I’ve more than doubled my age since the first game was released and I forever became a slave to Blizzard’s venerable action-RPG series.  I’m not trying to make any of you feel old. But what I mean to say is that Diablo has literally been a game I’ve played since I first took steps into the world of PC gaming. Along with Ultima VII and Wing Commander, Diablo was what first showed me just how a game could transport you into another world and make you sweat and pant from stress and tension. I mean… really, though we laugh at it now, how freaky wasthe Butcher back then?A massive amount of diablo 3 gold is ready to decorate your WoW world. Anytime you run out of gold for diablo 3, just tell us! Ample stock also guarantees the fastdelivery. Have a helpful customer service when you buy diablo 3 gold is really nice. Luckily we got a customer service team just like that. Please do feel free contact us if you have any questions. We are here for you around the block.




And now here we are.  Twelve years since the last entry, and nearly twenty since the first game. Not too much has changed. You’ll kill everything you see with the click of a mouse.  You’ll loot everything and portal back to town more than you can count. Sure, there’s a new Real-Money Auction House, a brand new skill system, and a whole new way to craft items.  Let’s not forget the crazy-weird Witch Doctor, either. So maybe a lot has changed… either way, it’s been over a decade since I got to explore Sanctuary. As you’re reading this, stuck at work and dying to get home. Click over to our streams page, where I’m likely slaying away and loving every minute of it.sometimes you can use the coupon code to enjoy a discount for your wow gold. All we do is to make the players enjoy more benefit of their buy diablo 3 gold and can enjoy more fun in the diablo 3. Then lets talk about Payment methods. We receive the paypal and the credit card and also western union. You can choose which you like to pay for the order. After you order the cheap diablo 3  gold you should go to contact the live chat immediately. Then they can help you with all the questions and also send you the order in 15 minutes. What a quick speed! YES?