Blizzard claim that Diablo 3 anti-cheating is a Protracted War

One player asked the information of Bot in the forum and called on the players to work together. Community Manager Lylirra firm position that Blizzard will not tolerate any use Bot, Hack, or other forms of cheating. Whenever any way a violation of the game under the game will result in Diablo 3 account is banned permanently.

Lylirra said, Blizzard will not be daily or regularly publish suspend account. But whenever there is a massive suspend account, Blizzard will release some of the associated articles to alert players. Such as we saw in June Diablo 3 Gold cheat and saw in November Diablo 3 third-party plug-ins and suspend account two articles.

Keep in mind that a very important point, every time we of cheating players when processing will not make any announcement, because we basically every week – or even every day this behavior from the game. Every titles Bot, Hack, or other types of cheating announcement will be very boring. In fact, when we carried out a large-scale titles, or we think it is necessary to remind the players of this behavior is wrong may lead them from Diablo 3 suspend account, we will publish the corresponding content.

We are very serious about things. Our developers, customer service departments, as well as cheating against outside groups are going all out to ensure your online experience, you can maximize interference against cheating, Hack and Bot. From a development point of view, we have been reducing these behaviors impact on the community and avoid certain programs running. Whatever they do will not adversely affect legitimate players, our limit is actually very loose. For customer service, we can guarantee your game Report information service of the anti-cheating team at. The anti-cheating game team, when we confirmed that players use Bot, or other types of cheating harmful way to deal with it.

Of course, all of this, even though we have to pay a great deal of time, effort and will harm the game’s behavior out of the determination of the game, there will still be some people with ulterior motives to get along to find ways to cross the barrier we set. This is a long battle, but we will continue to fight.