Blizzard expect the arrival of national dress Diablo 3

Blizzard published a message, reduce the situation facing players now in Diablo 3,Blizzard began the explanation.Finally he is aware of Diablo 3 not on sale in mainland China. Well,The Blizzard seems still very looking forward to the arrival of national dress Diablo 3.

Blizzard game community manager Bashiok has replied to a users post, friends who believe in Diablo 3 after the sale of a record number of players have been dropped. He explained: I do not know that I can not disclose the number of active players, but every night there are tens of millions of players log in to the game.Every player cut after the launch of the World of Warcraft expansion pack compared to number of Diablo 3 very stable.Moreover, the game is not on sale in China.

He then added: We discussed a number of active players, rather than the absolute number, not every player every day or even every week to play them to buy the game.In addition, we have earlier reported, Blizzard The company acknowledged that Diablo 3 clearance only rely on burst treasures and not enough to the game to maintain its vitality.The Blizzard game community manager Bashiok a post wrote:We know that they are not doing enough,he said: We recognize that rely solely on Daguai equipped to fight can not let this game long-term maintenance operators .

Now, there are still millions of people every day in a week to play Diablo 3, but they will eventually feel nothing to do in the game. Kill monsters to get the treasure is naturally very interesting things I think our system around this thing on or do very well, at least after a few small changes fairly walking in the right path.

But, Honestly say,Diablo 3 is not World of Warcraft.We can not will every few months to introduce a lot of new systems and new content. Diablo 3 need to have anything else to let players to continue playing, we know now is not yet the kind of thing.

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