Paul McCartney in Jon Stewart’s Show to Talk about Process of Producing Songs for Destiny

Watch Paul McCartney Talk Destiny on The Daily Show

Legendary musician appears on Jon Stewart’s show to talk about his new song, “Hope for the Future.”
Legendary musician Paul McCartney of Beatles fame appeared on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show last night to talk about, among other things, “Hope for the Future,” his song for Bungie’s FPS Destiny.

During the course of his funny back-and-forth with Jon Stewart, McCartney talks about how he got involved with the project and reveals that he’s not very good at video games.

“I’ve tried them, but I’m no good at them,” he said. “I go in the first room [makes shooting noises] and they’re shooting at me. They’re shooting at me! I get killed, and hand the controller back.”

“Hope for the Future” plays during the Destiny end-credits, and was recently made into a music video wherein McCartney appears in holographic form. McCartney also worked alongside now-former Bungie composer Marty O’Donnell on the score for Destiny. is just this kind of store, which provide Destiny Power leveling product to make you upgrade lv32 fast and easily.

You can buy “Hope for the Future” as a single right now.

Destiny Complete Docking Speed Is Amazing

Destiny Power leveling

Destiny complete docking speed is amazing,It will be a surprise.

“I think looking at the LFG [looking for game] – style mechanics is something we absolutely want to do,” lead designer Luke Smith told Game Informer in an interview. “We would love to get to a place someday where you can advertise your intent to people. Where you can say ‘I want to do this. Are you looking to do this with me?’ But we have absolutely no plans to do raid matchmaking at this time.”

Smith said that Bungie has noticed that the game’s community is attracted to the type of complex, challenging content that the raids offer, but that rather than commit to adding raid matchmaking (which would presumably allow more people to complete them), it’s thinking about how to create the same kind of content in other activities.

“I think that’s the challenge. It’s not how do we change the raid-design philosophy to allow for matchmaking,” Smith said.

Back in October, Bungie community manager David “DeeJ” Dague said the developer was thinking about raid matchmaking, but seemed unsure. “We’re having conversations about how Matchmaking might support the more challenging activities in Destiny,” he said. “It’s a start.”

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Destiny Are Evolving The Review Process ?

Today, Bungie says that games like Destiny are changing review process. However , COO Pete Parsons says it would be “nearly impossible” to review a game like Destiny in just nine hours.


The traditional game review as you know it could soon become a thing of the past, according to Bungie COO Pete Parsons. He says in a new interview that online- and multiplayer-focused games like Destiny might require professional critics to rethink the review process.

“It is true there are a lot of those people who were skeptical that are still playing it now,” he told GamesIndustry International. “I think it’s very difficult to–as we see games like Destiny coming out–it’s very difficult to sit down for nine hours, 11 hours, and write up a review of a game like Destiny, right?”

“If I were a reviewer it seems like a nearly impossible challenge to do because there’s just no way you can experience… you barely experience sort of the campaign side of it and just PvP and no way you can get into all of the end-game activities,” he added. “And so it really asks a great question which is ‘how are games like Destiny going to be reviewed in the future?'”

We’re going to find out, as Bungie is already working on Destiny 2, publisher Activision confirmed earlier this month during a financial presentation.

Next up for Destiny, which has 9.5 million registered users, is an expansion called The Dark Below. It launches on December 9, introducing new multiplayer maps, weapons, and missions, as well as raising the level cap. Check out the video above for GameSpot’s thoughts about the upcoming DLC.

Earlier this week, Ubisoft explained why it thinks you might not want to trust day-one reviews for The Crew, a socially inspired racing game. Indeed, The review process for games is changing.

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Have You ever Faced Connection Errors in Destiny?

Have you ever faced a myriad of connection errors in Destiny ? it is because the game’s servers are being DDOS’ed by the Lizard Squad. The problem started a few hours ago and it is very difficult to log in to Destiny and requires multiple attempts.

Have you ever faced connection errors in Destiny ?

Lizard Squad took responsibility for the attack and tweeted:
Earlier 2KSports and GTA 5 servers were also DDOS’ed which may explain numerous connection issues people were facing. As expected, many gamers are upset over this whole thing since it’s a weekend.

You may be kicked off from the game even if you manage to log-in so hopefully Bungie does something about this.