Final Fantasy XIV Online GO Is Designed To Encourage Players To Go Out

Square Enix announced Final Fantasy XIV Online GO two days ago, a mobile application that will allow us to collect resources for use in Final Fantasy XIV Online.

This app will use our geolocation to transform real world places into material collection points, to which we will have to go mobile in hand to obtain the relevant resources. Final Fantasy XIV Online GO is designed to encourage players to go out on the street and continue to obtain resources for the game without having to be in front of a PlayStation or PC. In the words of Haimrich Fischer, vice president of innovation at Square Enix, “the important thing is freedom.”


In addition to the application, Square Enix has taken the opportunity to announce a special accessory that serves as a peak to collect resources, a gardener’s ax or a fisherman’s rod. Harvesting Stick, name that receives this tool, will provide us an increase in the percentage of probabilities in the collection of our resources, although aesthetically it does not stop being a conventional selfie stick.

“This is the most immersive experience of an MMORPG for players of all levels, and an essential accessory for any gathering enthusiast,” said Adalberta Gardner, chief designer of Amajina Apps. More FFXIV news please keep eyes on FFXIV4GIL.COM which would devote to offer amounts of cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil online.

Both by name and functionality, Final Fantasy XIV Online GO undeniably reminds Pokemon GO, a ball that was developed and distributed by Niantic almost 2 years ago and that revolutionized the sector. Despite these similarities, the initials GO of the application of Final Fantasy XIV Online come from the words Gathering Outdoors.

Final Fantasy XIV Online is available on PlayStation 4 and PC, although the idea of the arrival of the game to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch could become in the near future in reality after the statements of Naoki Yoshida in June last year, who showed interest in the possible arrival of the game to Microsoft and Nintendo platforms. Below you will find the trailer with which it has been announced:

The Forbidden Land Of Eureka Anemos Appears In FFXIV

The haze has dissipated around the Forbidden Land of Eureka Anemos in FINAL FANTASY XIV Online with the release of Patch 4.25. The new and unexplored fierce mysterious region, where the elements are in constant flux and the players will be challenged by the new combat models that they will have to master to obtain and improve new and powerful weapons. This patch also includes the newest chapter in the adventures of the extraordinary inspector, Hidibrand, and the seventh season of “The Feast” PvP.


The Forbidden Land, Eureka Anemos, is a large and unexplored area that brings several changes to the common pillars of the gameplay:

Exploration with several players: Up to 144 players can occupy the same instance. They will be encouraged to join in groups with other adventurers to hunt down notorious monsters and work towards the same goal.

Player Progression: Players will gain elemental experience to improve their skills in order to absorb the elements, and they can use the new Magic Board to customize their elemental affinity and explore Eureka.

Altered Combat Mechanics: A new strategy is required in the battle thanks to the elemental system, players must use the Magia Board to change the elemental affinity of their attacks to oppose the element of their enemy. Players will be able to customize the elemental attributes of their Magia Board before going out to explore using Magia Melder, and should carefully consider their plan depending on the goal of their adventure.

Rewards: Occasionally, players can earn protean crystals while exploring Eureka and can use them to improve their weapons and skills in this place with the help of the famous blacksmith, Gerolt.

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Final Fantasy XIV Release And Details Of The Patch 4.25

Square Enix announces the news that will be added in Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood with the arrival of the 4.25 patch that will be released next March 13th.

First of all the patch will contain the wild Forbidden Land of Eureka. This region will include new battle elements that will challenge players and will be critical to obtaining very powerful new weapons. This update will also include the last chapter of the adventures of the extraordinary inspector Hildibrand.


Forbidden Land of Eureka will be a vast and unexplored area that will introduce a series of changes to the usual gameplay:

Up to 144 players can take part in a single instance. We encourage players to team up with other adventurers to drive infamous monsters and complete common goals.
Players will get Elemental EXP to reinforce their domain of elements and can also use the new “Magic Board” feature to customize their elemental affinities, which will help them explore Eureka.
From now on, more strategy will be needed to dominate a system of elements with which players will have to use “Magic Board” to alter the elemental affinity of their attack and counter that of the enemy. Players will customize the elemental attributes of their “Magic Board” before the exploration thanks to a “Magic Melder” and will have to study them very well depending on the objective of the adventure.
Players will occasionally get “protean crystals” by exploring Eureka and can use them to improve Eureka equipment and weapons with the help of the famous blacksmith Gerolt.

In addition, the annual Little Ladies’ Day has begun, which will run until March 14th. The Songbirds will return to Eorzea for another concert and players will be able to celebrate with three new emoticons obtainable by completing a series of special missions. More FFXIV news please keep eyes on FFXIV4GIL.COM which would devote to offer amounts of cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil online.

The Final Fantasy XIV Update 4.2 Has Been Updated At FFXIV4Gil

In January 2018, as we know, we will probably get one more update from Square Enix. Now, players are eager to know the full feature list for Rise of a New Sun. The update is the upcoming and popular. The developers has released a number of new details on Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.2, now, let’s know the update’s list details. Final Fantasy XIV Gil has a great impact on players, since Final Fantasy XIV Gil is main currency in the game.

Final Fantasy XIV

Subaquatic Voyages

Construct a submersible in your company workshop and hunt for hidden treasures in the depths of the ocean.

Glamour Dresser

Inn rooms in each of the city-states and Kugane contain glamour dressers, which allow the conversion of clothing, weapons, and tools into glamours.

Beast Tribe Quests

The Vira, one of the tribes of snake-like Ananta, have long supported the efforts of the Resistance by sending warriors to bolster their ranks. One such battlemaid is Alpa, the broodmother’s daughter, who makes up for her lack of prowess in combat with her courage and ingenuity.

The Feast (PvP)

New Map
Crystal Tower Training Grounds

New Rules
Battles have been made shorter and more dynamic, and feature the new “Light Medal” effect that reduces damage taken as the number of medals held by a player drops. Adjustments have also been made to the UI, making it easier to see the number of medals held and status effects.

New Team System
Form a PvP team of up to six players, utilize the specialized group chat function, and choose an insignia to represent the party. Compete against other teams in brand-new ranked matches.

Rise of a New Sun, this update will feature a new campaign scenario, new dungeons, and a lot more updates that will expand the MMO. The Final Fantasy XIV update 4.2 has been updated yet again at FFXIV4Gil with a brief look at a number of new things coming to Rise of a New Sun, you can view more at here.

The FFXIV Stormblood Brings New Cultures And Ideals To The Heavy Game

In Final Fantasy XIV, even if the second expansion Stormblood doesn’t strike away from Heavensward or other modern MMOs in terms of quest design and content, almost everything it does is exceptional. The Stormblood adds a samurai class and increased level cap to the game this summer. The Stormblood’s story is very well designed and very engaging, new zones and music and jobs are all amazing.

Final Fantasy XIV

The Stormblood is one of the best expansions to any MMORPG yet, new enemies, sights, story and even two new jobs, Red Mage and Samurai which are both great classes. Hence, The Stormblood is one of the best products available from Square Enix and some of the best MMORPG on the market. The popular MMO’s out on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC, and Square Enix continues to release new expansions on a regular basis.

Many of players were stoked enough to see the Red Mage jobs added to Final Fantasy XIV with this expansion. The new areas are impressive, great design, nice detail. You can swim and dive in some areas, the new story quests and side quests are engaging. The expansion brings new cultures and ideals to the already lore heavy game, this is the perfect representation of the best of Final Fantasy XIV.

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FFXIV: How to Kill Lakshmi in Stormblood

As we know Lakshmi is a dangerous and powerful enemy. Undoubtedly, if there’s no some trick or strategy it will be a really hard task to compete against or kill Lakshmi. Today we’ll bring you a new guide of “Final Fantasy Stormblood” to defeat her.
FFXIV: How to Kill Lakshmi in Stormblood
How to prepare ?

Before fight with her, we need to considering what we should wear for the fight? First, let’s talk about the team that we advise you to wear for the fight against #Lakshmi in “Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood”. The significant aspects is that you can use a single tank to defeat Lakshmi. Because unlike other matches in the Square Enix game for PS4 and PC, you will not have to perform any mechanics that require you to lead to a certain number of characters of a given class.

Regardless how the rest of the team is. it is better to use two tanks in case, the advantages of two tanks are not only speed up to kill her but also can provide a good defence. You should also consider the unique ability that you can only use during the battle against Lakshmi in “Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood,” it will be essential to survive in some phases of combat. The ability will be Vrill this time and will create a shield that will not only protect you from certain attacks but also heal you in what situations.

Be careful the two attacks of Lakshmi 

During this first stage , the mentioned enemy will use several attacks, although there are two that should concern you primarily. These are Pall of Light and Stotram. In the first of them, Lakshmi will mark a player who will have to share the damage with the rest of the group to avoid dying on the spot.

For its part, Stotram will cause harm to the whole group and the whole scenario of the map, so it can not get avoided. The nuance of this latest attack is that it will heal the servants that we have not defeated, so, as we recommend in the previous paragraph, you should try to finish them as soon as possible.

In a few minutes, Lakshmi will show her new abilities and the third stage of the combat begains. The new abilities will reappear the maids of the beginning. This time there will be four, and you will have to be attentive to a new mechanic. The four maids can use Vrill for a few seconds. All in all, beside some skills that require to use, the battle against Lakshmi get based on the repetition of mechanics and the chance of using Vrill’s extraordinary power.

Tanks Are In Short Supply In Final Fantasy XIV

In Final Fantasy XIV, regardless of your class, your character will have three bars you need to pay attention to during combat. Respectively, HP bar, MP bar as well as TP bar. However, tanks are the rarest thing to find in Final Fantasy XIV at the moment. Everyone knows that tanks are in short supply. Why aren’t there more tanks in Final Fantasy XIV?

Final Fantasy XIV

Since a good tank has to be aware of everything going on at any given moment, changing targets, watching threat, maintaining survivability, and moving about hither and yon. Being the tank doesn’t mean that you have to be the leader, but you’re expected to set the pace of content, both by what you choose to engage and how you choose to do it.

For a lot of players, the strain that’s inherent to the role is just not a fun ride. Tanking in every game asks a little bit more than other player roles. On the whole, tanking in Final Fantasy XIV is a fair bit harder than average. You also have to learn the dungeon as a tank for the first time, something that’s hard to do when you started out from a DPS or healing perspective.

It should be noted that more exclusive news and guides of Final Fantasy XIV, view more at FFXIV4GIL. The game is available in four languages: Japanese, English, French and German. With a wealth of subtle tweaks and new content, the Gears of Change patch introduces new story quests, beast tribe quests, brand new dungeons and many more.

FFXIV: Solo, Multiplayer Content Classes And Main Jobs

With time push away, Final Fantasy XIV new added more new content, and Final Fantasy XIV was really be changed until the release of the game’s latest expansion, Stormblood. In Final Fantasy XIV, there’s going to be a lot to do in the game, there’s going to be solo and multiplayer content, and when it comes to classes/jobs, there will be many to choose from. It should be emphasized that Final Fantasy XIV Gil and FFXIV Power Leveling at FFXIV4GIL.

Final Fantasy XIV

In fact, he’s been looking for a replacement ever since the beginning of Omega. Now, to be clear, he has gone through the proper channels of trying to find a good healer for his group, including going to the group finder. However, no matter where he looks, all the healers he finds are either spoken for, or aren’t up to the level he needs.

Stormblood doesn’t add any new PvP content to PvP, but what it does is completely overhaul the underlying systems governing PvP combat. For one, instead of splitting PvP into multiple brackets, players can start queuing for PvP at level 30 and all players will be on even footing with each other. Whether you’re a fresh level 30 or a raid geared level 70, it doesn’t matter. Skill is all that matters in PvP now, gear is purely cosmetic.

Now, Square Enix may have finally found a workable place for PvP in FFXIV with Stormblood. In FFXIV, the moment-to-moment action is fun. One of the biggest draws to PvP in Stormblood is the fact that PvP is now an alternate means of leveling. Unless you were a hardcore player of PvP, it wasn’t really worth your while in the past. Now, you can spice things up by leveling through PvP as early as level 30 and it’s incredibly efficient to do so. For more on Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, check out more at here.

You Will Acquire Some Equipments And Items In FFXIV’s Event

Concerning the next Final Fantasy XIV event, it can be said that it is coming. According to Square Enix, the Moonfire Faire, will return next week, on August 8. Like previous years, the FFXIV event gives players a chance to snag some exclusive summer-themed gear, for this time event, this following are equipments and items that we will be able to obtain. Further information and tips, see more at here.

Final Fantasy XIV

Faire Zori (boots)
Faire Joi (body armor)
Faire Kohakama (leg armor)
Moonfire Faire (wall-mounted item)
Evercold Shaved Ice (tabletop item)
Hyper Rainbow Z (Orchestrion roll)

In a hot summer, MMORPGs are scrambling to provide events to celebrate the season. Final Fantasy XIV just jumped on that bandwagon, by bringing the traditional Moonfire Faire event.

The first is a summery outfit, the Faire set, which is basically a rehashed Shisui set, buy enabled for dying, allowing you to pick whatever color you like. On top of that, we’ll get an “Evercold Shaved Ice” furniture item that distributes shaved ice snacks, a Moonfire Faire painting and an orchestrion roll with the glorious Hyper Rainbow Z music from last year’s event.

Players will also have a chance to purchase some items from previous Moonfire Faires at the festival’s different vendors. Nevertheless, be sure to visit safe and credible website such as FFXIV4GIL, you have opportunity to buy cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil and FFXIV Power Leveling.

FFXIV Stormblood Brought 8 Brand New Light Party Dungeons

For the latest FFXIV expansion Stormblood, and it have been launched for a while. Including 8 brand new light party dungeons, 3 of which are expert level. As know, Stormblood is the latest in a series of expansions, it brings a whole host of beautiful landscapes, characters, and swimsuits to all budding Eorzea adventurers. To learn more about the FFXIV expansion, visit official website.

Final Fantasy XIV

Like any MMO, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Starts with the creation of your character. In addition to the usual skill changes and breeds, you will need to choose your protective deity and date of birth. These two elements have no real importance on your character since only a few points of elementary resistances vary according to the divinity. As for the date of birth, it only serves roleplay.

To learn a new class, all you have to do is go to the guild of the class you are interested in and complete the short blue quest. To move from one class to another at any time, it will be necessary to equip the weapon of the corresponding class, or create a shortcut, via the list of outfits.

To change class, you must first reach level 10 with the starting class and complete class quests (1, 5 and 10, which are taken from the class guild, Form of blue quests). Attention: Class quests are essential. It is very important to go to his guild every 5 levels. These quests allow you to unlock spells, stuff and level 30, jobs.

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