D3 Barbarian Analysis and Critique

Weapons Mastery
The Barbarian is known for his ability to wield and properly use any weapon in the battlefield including gigantic weapons that only he can wield. I have seen swords that are almost twice the size of the Barbarian. This is great because the bigger 2 handed weapons can make a larger sweep, thereby hitting more enemies at once. The Barbarian can dual wield and use more powerful 2 handed weapons. Bows, crossbows, and fist weapons are the only exceptions in the Barbarian’s arsenal.

The Barbarian is a unique hero. He has to constantly stay in the fight to build fury. Fury can then be spent to unleash more powerful attacks that devastate mobs across the battlefield. This forces the player to constantly fight mobs to achieve battlefield success. Other heroes can take breaks, but if the Barbarian takes a break, he will lose fury and be less effective in the next battle.

The Barbarian has shouts which are skills that help him and/or his team depending on the situation and the shout used. Some shouts improve DPS, others improve defense, and also, some cause mobs on the battlefield to run in terror.

Mega Defense
The Barbarian can take a beating like no other hero. He not only takes 30% less damage (as compared to the Wizard, Demon Hunter, and Witch Doctor), but he can also wear extremely heavy armor and wield gigantic shields. He is the ultimate battlefield tank. All the armor combined with defensive shouts makes the Barbarian a formidable foe on the battlefield.

The Bottom Line
The Barbarian is a crazed madman who fears nothing and takes pleasure from pain and combat. He is a non-stop source of destruction. The Barbarian is one of 2 tanks that are available and will most likely be a part of most 4 man groups as they battle all the way through inferno. Although long range builds are possible, I expect many players to use the Barbarian mostly as a melee tank. Finally, the Barbarian is not only a tank, but he has enough DPS to destroy mobs almost as easily as the Wizard or other high DPS heroes. The Barbarian is truly an “all in one” hero in the world of Diablo 3.

This is an attempt to analyze the Barbarian and see what his role is on the battlefield. Since I have played beta for months, I have a great understanding of the Barbarian and his position.

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