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In mid-May, Blizzard’s server went down. And there was only one reason: Diablo 3! Gamers from all around the world waited with baited breath for the release – if you remember, the second version came out 12 years ago! In our essential Diablo 3 optimization guide, we’ll show you how to boost the game’s performance and graphics.

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Fortunately, Diablo 3 already runs well on even modest desktop and laptop PCs. However, you can still run into problems when trying to run at the highest resolutions, with all of the details set to “Maximum” and with all of the Anti-Aliasing options enabled. So, here are my recommendations when it comes to getting the maximum frames per second (FPS).

Before you get started, it’s, of course, always important to make sure that your system is fully optimized. To make sure you’re all set, I recommend reading our two recent posts  on the 10 best ways to push your PC and games to the limit. By using tuning tools like TuneUp Program Deactivator and TuneUp Turbo Mode to reduce the load on your system as well as making sure your antivirus software doesn’t interfere with gameplay, among other cleaning methods, you can easily ensure maximum FPS. You may also want to install FRAPS to accurately benchmark performance improvements. Completed these initial steps? Now, let’s talk Diablo 3.