D3 Gold Guide

Auction House is not the only reason why people would want to farm Diablo3 gold in their hands. It is equally important to have massive amounts of gold with you so that you can buy some of the best gears for your character.
We will share our thoughts on what could potentially become the best when it comes to farming gold.
Screenshots - Diablo 3 - Curse
Getting as fast as you can to the Inferno mode will be the best thing one can do. Keep your good items with you instead of selling them and make sure you have the best of gears in your arsenal to beat this mode.

One of the reasons Inferno mode is the best ways to generate more gold; it’s because of the item drops you get here. No other modes will drop items found on Inferno level. Due to the fact that it’s the most difficult one, the rewards you get from this mode are equally epic and thus will fetch you handsome returns.

Barbarian also has a few good skills that could potentially make it a good farmer. The two skills I found especially intriguing from Barbarian’s skill set are Threatening Shout and Battle Rage with obsidian rune stones.

Threatening Shout with Terrify increases the chances of monsters dropping additional treasure by 22%. Battle Rage with Swords of Ploughshares increases the chances by 20%, but only for critical hits.

This Diablo 3 Gold guide will grow over time. Crafting system will also have a major role in earning gold and items. Besides the gold, you should have lots of things in hand, the first you should have is Diablo 3 power leveling for yourself and it can help you to get the desire levels you needed. 

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