D3 My ultimate secret

Gimmic here, I’ve been doing pretty well in selling my inventory. From my Guides, I have put together quite alot of items from testing all the different builds. So I’ve been just trying to clear inventory.
I’ve Figured it out!
Legendary and ding
The secret to selling auctions in Diablo 3

With how many people still play Diablo 3, It’s easy to assume that there are players that have nothing better to do than sit on the auction house  and buy out all the auctions when they are just posted if they are posted at (what they feel is) an incorrect price. I truly believe that people are still playing for the fun of it. So, with that in mind, the secret to always selling items in the auction house is…….

Undercut like you’ve never undercut before!
You’re thinking well yeah, i’m already doing that!
What STATS are you looking up when posting an auction?!

This could be your issue. The game has been going on for quite a while and people who have been playing are all becoming very good at searching for exactly what they want, get the best deal and look for secondary stats after that. For example, if your looking for a new chest, you’re either going to search for a legendary or a rare chest piece with certain stats on it.

Now before I go any further, my biggest secret to my success has been this……
Always, no matter what, search for your items and sort by
Time left.

This will give you a better edge against bots. This makes you see the auction almost at the speed of a bot. It wasn’t the best deal if you got it after a bot got it.

Ok, so now that you know my ultimate searching secret, back to what we were discussing before….

When people search for their gear, they are searching for their base stats they need first. On my wizard my search will look something like this

Then I would usually look for high stats ill raise my numbers just to see what there is;

Now keep in mind when you’re posting auctions that this is how the majority of people search, not with my secret of course, but they will sort by price. Their next step is to evaluate what additional stats they find more valuable. This is where people have a problem with auctions. Don’t ask yourself if you think life regeneration is worth that extra 2-3 million. This might only be you or your friend. I recommend dropping that stat when you’re searching for a reasonable price to sell your auctions. Then look for a similar item to the one you’re looking to post. I recommend just searching for the stats everyone searches for rather than you and your friendslist preferences.

This will inevitably lead to more sales. If you’ve read my previous posts, you know that what I like! While I love getting those big 10+ Million Gold Sales, I prefer to have ton of little sales that happen quickly.
Here is the last 24 hours worth of sales.