D3 New Farming Route

I wanted to bring you a newParagon Leveling Route that’s sure to make your mouth water!
I was playing with my good friend Tesseract since the new patch hit,  I was really interested in seeing the new changes to Act 1,2 & 4.
This has been a Great Patch!

I love the new and improved density of monsters! I can get super bonus XP in this new patch. In the picture below I get some massive amounts of bonus experience from linking my kills. I was able to do this in every area in act 1. This set me into leveling overdrive!!

Not only was the Leveling faster, I was also able to get more Legendary drops than usual! The increased density of monsters allows for greater chances for legendaries to drop.

This was a pretty exciting surprise! Then shortly after; I Paragon leveled and heard a ding for a legendary drop!

I completely approve this new patch and what it can do to start bringing this game back. I’m editing a Video on this incredible run!