D3 Players are AFK

How do you enjoy your Diablo 3 gaming now? If you need game gold, you know the 100% safe and cheap D3 gold is always offered for you on cheapdiablo! We know lots of players have been lost, with the new game patch or expansion still far away, yet the current game version may have a lack of playability! At such a time, a great number of players choose to AFK and temporarily leave Diablo 3, and, today, we would love to discuss why they are AFK from the game.
Why Diablo 3 Players are AFK?
The Larder Diablo 3
1. Same Farm Acts with No Changes: When playing in Diablo 3, your farming Act is almost stable, as once you change a place, you may lost some parts of efficiency. Thus, farming in the same map and monster point day after day is rather boring. Unpredictable battles would make the game full of challenge and add awesome varieties!

2. Lack of diversity for Monster Drops: Blizzard does design a many kinds of monsters for players to encounter and fight, yet, it’s not so attractive for players to experience each of them! Why? Facing more powerful monsters, yet their drops are nearly the same without any exciting expectation or big surprise. So after a certain period of time, players may lost interest in the challenges.

3. The Skill Build lack creative features: The main profession in Diablo 3 normally only gets 2 to 3 main builds, Barbarian Duplex Cyclone, Witch Doctor Bears build and Firebat are used since the patch 1.0.4, and are still in use now! The lack of Item attribute causes that the build open is limited. In addition, Blizzard is trying to balance the skills at every update, yet imbalance keep existing and will always do. Blizzard just need to improve the Item attribute in order to compensate the deficiencies of some skills.

4. Monopolistic use of equipment and gold in game: We know the gap between the rich and poor in diablo3 is very large. People who buy Diablo 3 gold online can gain a great deal of game money, thus, undoubtedly, they can equip with top items and weapons, also, their upgrading process will be much easier and faster. Also, higher level means greater chance to get the legendary equipments and become even richer! Yet, on the other hand, the in game auction house always get the product price confused with bugs and bots! These may to some extent, cause some unfairness in the game!

Still, for a lot of players, to buy cheapest Diablo 3 gold online really helps them enjoy the game much better, level up faster, gain more legendary items and unlock more game adventures to have real fun! 

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