D3 Quests Guides of The Siege of Bastion Keep

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Turn on your headlights signage within the grounds of the Battle of Skycrown
Finding the sergeant Dalen within the Skycrown Battlements

Go down the steps from the watchtower, then entering the armory. Therefore proceed quickly towards the fortress of Bastion’s Keep. There you will find here in front of your usual companions as well as normal sellers.

Therefore proceed rapidly towards the north, quickly surpassing the blacksmith. Therefore they diverted to the north, walk along, and the path to reach the outside of the fortress. You are now faced with a certain amount of Demon Troopers – is not strictly necessary to fight them, you can equivalently run back to avoid any contact with them, going to enter the Skycrown Battlements.

So you will have to overcome several waves of enemies as you fight to overcome this complex area of the game. Pay attention to your mini-map to locate the signal fires. You will need to locate a total of five, and then turn them all. After you light the fifth signal, you will be asked to locate the sergeant Dalen. The quest will be completed in an automatic manner so as soon as sufficiently able to come closer to the sergeant – therefore, proceed as you approach the area, not risk anything because there will be almost no enemy nearby. 

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