D3 The Archangel Imperius

This may seem insignificant from the outside but improved co-op and changes to the game’s crafting system have had significant effects on the game, even more so than expansion-style features like the player-versus-player Brawls introduced in February and boss fight events like Infernal Machine. Even bigger changes are on the horizon. Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime confirmed last fall that Diablo 3 would receive a real, old style expansion a la Diablo: Hellfire and Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction. “We do have a plan, an expansion plan for Diablo,” teased Morhaime, tantalizing fans with the prospect of what could be an entirely different game.
That’s no exaggeration based on past Diablo expansions. Lord of Destruction brought two new character classes to the game as well as an entirely new concluding chapter culminating in a fight against the vicious boss Baal. Diablo 3 has plenty of hints buried in the game at whole new locales that could be used for an additional act, like the kingdom of Westmarch. Home of the Knights of Westmarch order that the Paladin character in Diablo 2 came from, the follower character Lydon in Diablo 3 says it’s a place where things can get a little rowdy. “Angry naked women are attacking me! This is my summer in Westmarch all over again!” he says at one point. Not a bad set up for a new setting.

There’s also a set up for a new big boss right in Diablo 3. The Archangel Imperius, the fella with the fiery temper and the fiery sword, lives through the climactic fight in the battle in High Heavens in act 4 but it’s unknown what happens to him after that. As a character who’s seemingly always on the edge of completely losing his mind and who’s terribly powerful, what better way to add a new big bad to what’s mostly a finished story? 

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