D3 Wizard Gameplay

Like most Wizards in other MMORPG games, Diablo 3 Wizard is a devastating spell caster with a notably low health points compared to other classes in the game. This Diablo 3 Wizard gameplay will talk more of these features that make this class interesting.
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Elemental Mastery
Wizards affirm authority throughout the natural elements of the Sanctuary. They can hurl lightning bolts, blast ice and crack flames and whirlwinds to their foes in the battlefield with relative ease. Also, they arevery versatility in controlling elemental powers, allows every Wizard to target foes’ weaknesses and get around their defenses easily, making every enemy vulnerable to the spell caster from a far.

Area Attacks
AOE or Area of attack skills is an obvious part of Wizard’s abilities. With this type of skill, Wizards can destroy huge clusters of enemies. Also, the battlefield can be the Wizard’s best friend, as it is mostly surrounded with forces to help this class cast some spells, such as consume Diablo 3 gold and cones that can annihilate mobs of enemies at once.

Protective Spell
Though Wizard is a little less agile and physically weaker compared to other classes in the game, Wizards can save themselves from tougher enemies through its defensive abilities. Wizards can hide and sneak out from their enemies by cloaking, deflect most of enemy attacks by wrapping their bodies with diamond armor, or make mirror images to confuse enemies in the battlefield.

Infinite Energy
Infinite source of energy is one of the many things people love about this class. It’s a completely new characteristic that you can’t find in any magicians or spell casters from most MMORPGS. With the Wizard, there are tons of spells in its skill tree that can even help regenerate arcane power, or make specific skill cost less resource system. With the seemingly infinite flow of energy, it can be tough to contain this spell caster, as it most likely spam spells to control the battlefield.

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