Diablo 3 Asian server exposed BUG to unlimited replication Gold

Not long ago, Diablo 3 because of the unlimited replication BUG To Diablo 3 Gold and Items were a long time to stop taking maintenance updates. Recently, a similar thereto game BUG players exposed Blizzard forums. New BUG mainly take advantage of items vulnerability in Diablo 3 Gold to the copy operation. The whistleblowers players using the BUG operating time can get one million Diablo 3 Gold, and the operation of this loophole completely there is no limit to the number that can be infinitely copied Diablo 3 Gold.

Up to now, the authenticity of this BUG has not yet been a formal confirmation of Blizzard’s official, but I believe will soon respond. In addition, a well-known online trading platform, Diablo 3 Gold price has plummeted, many sellers only quoted relative before less than half the price.

According to Blizzard’s usual style, if the players are the exposure the BUG ultimately be confirmed, the official added burden to have the black gold take advantage of the the BUG a large number of replicate the game account was stopped. Therefore, I recommended Diablo 3 players recently not to use cash to buy large amounts of Diablo 3 Gold to avoid future Blizzard manslaughter.

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