Diablo 3 Barbarian Builds Group

Diablo 3 is coming, and are you planning to play a Barbarian in the game? Well, if you want to play Barbarian and enjoy the game, you should know the best skill builds for your character so that you can make lots of Diablo 3 gold and enjoy the game. Here is a build that I found to be very effective at clearing out rooms, taking down bosses and difficult enemies.   Frenzy – Frenzy acts as a Fury generator and will give you three fury per attack. This skill swings for 100% weapon damage and each time it stacks, you will get 15% attack speed up to five times resulting in 75% attack speed on full stacks.
The rune stone that you will want to get with this skill is the Crimson rune stone. This rune stone will give you Frenzy effect and will also give you increased damage of 15%, so if you stack it five times, you will have an increased damage of 75%.   Warcry – Generate 30 fury and has a 30 second cool down. A important buff to use on yourself and allies that increases your armor by 100% for 60 seconds. To further increase this buff, I added the Obsidian rune stone which gives 50% increase on resistances.   Furious Charge – Usually, the obvious choice for the third skill would be Furious Leap or Leaping Attack. However, I chose Furious Charge because it is more of an effective gap closer in my opinion.
This skill allows you to rush forward, knocking back enemies in your path and inflicting 190% weapon damage. It also generates 15 fury and is on a 10 second cool down. Furious Charge paired up with the Crimson rune stone will increase the damage at the destination that you choose for 445% of your weapon damage.   Battle Rage – This is the only Fury cost ability in my build. This skill allows you to enter a rage that will increase your damage by 20% and critical chance by 4% for 30 seconds. You will want to use this skill every 29 seconds to ensure that this buff does not fall off. When paired with the Crimson rune stone, you will increase the damage further from 20% to 40%.
Overpower – The first out of the two AOE abilities I picked up for this build. Deals 260% weapon damage to all targets within 9 yards. One good thing to note about this skill is that whenever you hit a critical with this skill, your cool down of 15 seconds is reset. To exploit this, take the Crimson rune stone to increase your critical hit chance by 16% for 4 seconds whenever the spell is active.   Revenge – The second AOE ability that compliments Overpower quite well. This skill gives a 15% chance to become active every time you are hit. When used, you will be able to deal up to 220% weapon damage and heal yourself for 5% of your total HP for each enemy you hit.
For this spell to compliment Overpower, use the Alablaster rune stone. This rune stone will increase your critical hit chance by 21% for 10 seconds each time Revenge is used. This goes hand in hand with Overpower.   For the passive skills, I chose Ruthless, Berserker Rage and Bloodthirst. The reason why I chose these Passive are to compliment the skills that I have chose. Ruthless will help increase Frenzy by up to 200% weapon damage, Berserker Rage to increase my overall damage by 20% when I have maximum Fury (since I only have one skill that uses Fury, it is optimal) and Bloodthirster as a passive to sustain my character on the battlefield.   Hope the above tips will make some sense for you. Of course this skill builds is good for me, but I am not sure it will also works for your game as we have different ways to playing Diablo 3. Any way, I still hope that you can enjoy the Diablo 3. 

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