Diablo 3 barbarian war turn difficult skeleton kingMaGeDa combination

Diablo 3 1.05 barbarians actually thought not novelty, but in the current version of the second strange rhythm, Diablo 3 Gold station lu high DPS flow and no any advantage. 104 this version is the professional each build a race, played quick useless, run quick is really. To 105, then faced 10 people difficulty small blame 4 million, elite 50 million rhythm, and the pursuit of you will find, the real contradiction lies in how to improve the DPS.

I tear using the reduction is in order to facilitate the run chart avoid and small blame with too much, because I personally feel that DPS is not very important. Overall core is battle rage + infinite saiyan + ancestors gather force, this combination powerful endurance + terrible single target output is the to build in 105 10 pp difficulty the basis of established. Other skills completely can according to your equipment and the understanding of the game to change.

Personally, I now think, dual wield is the most able to exert the build advantage configuration. Because first of all ancestors is every time 20 rage cost, also means that you will need to be at least 1.25 times the speed of per second to just keep messiah (if you hit single Diablo 3 Items goal, even if you 100% detonation, considering the patriarch is 0.8 trigger factor, then you every strike back to anger is an average of 12, need to maintain saiyan attack rate higher, even more than 2), then hands to maintain words, need extra operation and energy (in battle rage to release anger) reduce the fault tolerance. The second point is the same refresh ambition CD words, dual wield faster. The third point is very important, double the critical injury advantage will be ancestors close to 100% of the crit amplification many.

The second is bug hammer, influencing polymer strange, but bug hammer is the strongest theory DPS one hand, so I brought reduction tear away a convenient, and at the same time, fortunately boss war we can see the can put boss plugging in the corner, so fear instead become a cent.

Equipment orientation, I think this build equipment requirements are higher than double cyclone, first of all it is standing lu, lu standing is to have a very strong blood a resistance to capital, D3 Gold 6 vampire is must, or face back injury blame you only death. Next you need at least 2′s atk.spd to comfortable maintain messiah, at the same time, you’d better have a hammer main hand, no matter bug hammer or yellow hammer.

Finally you’d better have 24 run speed, because the build the pursuit of limit will not take parkour, no 24 run speed words run chart will be very egg pain. In short this is not a civilian build, this is to have certain equipment foundation person brush 10 people with difficulty, but I see now is the game difficulty 10 people the most violent build.


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