Diablo 3: Blizzard the Invincible Wizard

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The exploit was actually caused by an update, that was aimed at fixing some of the numerous technical problems with Diablo 3. Users were able to enjoy invincibility for their Wizard class, whereby the character could take absolutely no damage. The video below explains the exploit very well.

Despite this being a rather fun exploit to try, Blizzard have decided, that in the interest of fairness, the glitch should be patched. In the statement, Blizzard encouraged users to report any such exploits to them by sending an email to hacks@blizzard.com with a description of how to implement it and the results that you get.

The popularity of Diablo 3 seems to have come as a bit of a surprise to Blizzard. However with popularity come criticism, and fans have been left with a lot of problems to criticise. Aside from the numerous technical glitches, one the biggest criticisms is the fact that the game requires a permanent internet connection. Blizzard say that this is linked to their real money auction house, which in itself has caused controversy, but in reality is probably more to do with DRM.

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