Diablo 3 characters hero standings onlines

Role Armory originally applied to the Blizzard online game World of Warcraft, and by the large number of wow players alike, Diablo 3 Armory Blizzard decided to launch in the near future.

Today Diablo 3 Gold routine maintenance, while Blizzard Diablo 3 official website released a new picture, a more vague barbarians professional image of the picture, and the pictures on the lines with Blizzard the last release of Diablo 3 Armory lines layout exactly. Therefore, this picture indicates that Diablo God Armory system players will be in the near future on the line and open.Diablo 3 will Plays a very important role .

According to Blizzard announced on Fackbook, the Armory in the early on-line content for players to view is divided into two main parts: the plot the progress of all the heroes of the players currently completed, the name of the hero of the amount of monsters to kill, expert mode and playtime; equipment containing agent, precious stones set in, all equipped with additional attributes, mesh attributes and skills, the followers of the skills and equipment and so on. Blizzard Armory will also add more features, such as being planned the individual artisans show and achievements show. 

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