Diablo 3 consoles is in the process at Blizzard but far released

The the Blizzard creative person in charge said, the studio console version of the dungeon crawler Diablo 3 up and running in their studio. However, the game is not a formal project for the company, which means that it is still far from the hands of the players.

Occupy the video game industry, the entire month of May, Diablo 3 Gold has faded out of popular dialogue and retail sales charts. People still play Blizzard’s dungeon loot, superstar, they certainly still buy it, but Blizzard has been postponed major new features, such as real money player around noisy experimental economy, its main retail sales success slowing down the playback mode. Never expect Blizzard. This company knows how to keep the game alive far beyond its initial version, Diablo 3 future life may consoles.

Chief Creative Officer of Blizzard’s Rob Pardo said: we still kind of exploration, polygon, said: “We already have up and running and we hope to get far enough along we can put it formal project, but we also not ready to release its stuff, but it looks cool. ”

Blizzard has discussed the years of the console version of “Diablo 3 now, especially in the 18 months in 2012 to the actual release of the game the studio demo even use the Xbox 360 controller, Wilson said:” We are exploring The idea of the console version of Diablo 3 one of the reasons is because we feel that the game console control and style, in September 2011, directly into the game with some of our early experiments by a control scheme similar to 360 analog controller.

Diablo not graced electronic games, art in the decade before the original Sony PlayStation game ported. Blizzard has not announced any game console on for a period of time, but the company has released a series of Super Nintendo games, including fighter Justice League Task Force in the early 1990s. Before its last console project, “StarCraft: Ghost, in 2002 announced that the PlayStation 2, Gamecube, and the original Xbox. Although it demonstrated many times, the game between multiple developers rebounded Blizzard eventually canceled. 

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