Diablo 3 Erluterung energy whirlwind of changes and notes

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Player: I have it bolted very CAREFULLY Lylirra sister savage explosion trigger probability decreases post. Is it mglich, a magician energy buy cyclone auslsenden factor Diablo 3 gold, it changes peer Earliest Vernderungen legendre Gegenstnde hheren Vernderungen. But in general, against the Wizards community, alongside Adam Cowen and no interaction between legend and our critical mass / energy whirlwind program.

Lylirra: In 1.0.4, we whirlwind energy trigger factor decreased from 0.25 to 0.125, and modify the application in four of the five runes. The problem is that I have this set plus Windseeker including all five runes want, we will correct this error in 1.0.5 (reduced from 0.5 to 0.125). This can be used as a repair BUG, but our klren in PTR list as one gewhnliche Vernderungen. We knnen find Vernderungen in the official version, but it hngt on feedback from players.

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